Thursday, February 21, 2013

New! Aussie Miracle Shine review

As the Take That lads said, "Let it shine" and thanks to the Aussie Miracle Shine range (which is a much better name than the Aussie Moist range which just gives me goosebumps), we can let our hair shine for all the world to see and be jealous of.  Of all the attributes that I could want my hair to have, shine is the number 1 thing I look for and it's been that way for years.  Anything else is an added bonus after that.

The haircare gods were obviously listening to my silent pleas for shiny hair because these products from the Aussie Miracle Shine range arrived to a happy me last week.  I don't usually review products so early on but you'll see why I had to tell you about them below.  The formula contains Pearl powder and Australian Ginseng extract that are supposed to help with the shine end of things.

The range consists of a shampoo, conditioner and 3 Minute Miracle Deep Treatment.  All three smell lovely and fruity.  The shampoo lathers up to give you a massive head of suds and rinses away to leave me with squeaky clean hair.  The conditioner isn't very thick and my hair seems to drink it up.  I haven't used the deep treatment yet but will do so this weekend and report back.

The first time I used the shampoo and conditioner, I blow dried my hair and immediately investigated my locks under different lights and with different mirrors just to make sure what I was seeing was real.  I then went downstairs and told Joanne to pause whatever was on the telly so I could ask her if my hair looked normal shiny or extra shiny, but I already knew the answer.  She said it looked super shiny and like I'd gotten my hair done.  That was good enough for me.  Confirmation that my hair was as shiny as shiny could be.

Now, I've tried a lot of shampoos and conditioners that promise shine but found that they either stripped my hair of every bit of oil and moisture in an attempt to remove any dullness, or made it limp and almost greasy.  There isn't a hint of grease or residue after I use these products folks.  The length of my hair comes to life as my highlights (ahem, that's what I'm calling them even though I haven't dyed my hair since last year) catch the light.  I can only imagine what it will do for those with darker hair.

Now let me tell you about how my hair feels after using it.  The swishiest of swishy hair is what I have after using it.  My locks feel silky soft, manageable and the dramatic change after one use was why I knew I'd be reviewing the range earlier than I thought.

If you're looking for shiny hair, then you need this range now.  It is brilliant and I will most definitely be purchasing this myself when I run out.  The shampoo and conditioner are €5.49 each and the 3 Minute Miracle Deep Treatment is €6.59.

Ba-rill-iant stuff!


  1. That seems to be really promising, I think I’ll try them out.

  2. Love the smell of this stuff too :)

  3. Lurrrrve the normal Aussie 3 Minute Miracle treatment.. So can't wait to try out this extra extra shiney one :):) Woo Hoo

  4. I wonder is this is available in the US because if it is then WE NEED TO FIND IT!! Thanks so much for reviewing because this is the first we've seen of these shine products and we love the original 3 Minute Miracle. YAY! Hope we find them!!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

    1. Hi Jayme and Mendi,

      Did you find here in the US?
      Thank you :)


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