Thursday, February 7, 2013

New! Smashbox Love Me collection, photos, swatches

Smashbox have teamed up with artist Curtis Kulig to create this bright, edgy, limited edition collection for Spring 2013.  Curtis is famous for his "Love Me" mark and the whole collection fits in with the message in that love is universal.

The packaging for this collection is fantastic and MAC could take note of how to make a limited edition collection stand out without looking tacky.  Each product is decorated with Curtis' Love Me signature and if you fancy being all artistic, then let your face be your canvas and turn it into a work of art!

There are two eyeshadow palettes, Admire Me which is full of warm browns and pinks and Entice Me which has purples, neutrals and a gorgeous midnight blue shade.  Each of these are €32.00 and in terms of pigmentation, they're worth every penny as you'll see below.  They both have the Love Me signature plastic overlay which just adds to the beauty of them.  I love things that I've never seen before!  The pink blush, Idolise Me (€29.00), has the Love Me logo imprinted into it and I know I'd end up using the blush from the top end of it so as not to mess up the design!

There are two lipsticks in the collection, Love Me, which is the true red shade and inspired by the red that Curtis uses for his signature and Tempt Me, which is a bright coral shade.  These are €19 and have vitamins C and E alongside shea butter to moisturise.  The Love Me Paint Pen Eyeliner (€22) serves to mimic the marker Curtis uses and can be used to create a thin line by using the tip of the pen, or if you want to create a thick line, then hold the liner on it's side and use your lashes as your guide.  Two lip enchancing glosses round out the collection, a bright pink shade, Adore Me and a nude pink shade, Charm Me (€17.50 each).

Smashbox sent me a couple of things to play with and play with I have.  After I admired the Love Me embossed outer packaging!  How cute is this?

I'll just say that since getting the gloss in the shade Adore Me, it hasn't been off my lips.  This mid toned pink gloss has fine shimmer in it, but not too much that people will be looking at you thinking "Is this one off to the disco now at 11am on a Monday morning?"

The silver, blue and pink shimmer works together to give shine to the lips without a frosty finish.  The gloss itself isn't sticky and feels really comfy on the lips.

Next we're on to the Entice Me eyeshadow palette, full of cool neutrals and that much loved midnight blue shade.

Once you open the lid, you're greeted with a little message "Love Me".  As if I needed to be told...

After you've agreed to love this palette, you're allowed to go down to the next level and into the good stuff.  The shadows.  Ooh the shadows.  Smashbox do some of the most pigmented, buttery, delicious shadows out there and after one swatch I had to flip down the little plastic overlay and tell it that I did in fact love it.

How lovely are these swatches? 

Stay tuned for some make up looks featuring this palette next week!

So tell me, is there anything you love from the Love Me collection?  I'll be perusing the rest of it this week as I need to get my swatch on in Arnotts!  The Love Me collection is available now on or in Arnotts.



  1. Oh I love this Collection. I also got it from Smashbox and I love the blush sooooo much!
    I just found your blog because I was looking for an Irish Beautyblog. I'm traveling to Ireland in May and wanted to be prepared what I can buy there (some brands aren't available in Switzerland)

    So one follower more for you

    (sorry for my bad english :O )

  2. I think I need to pick up that eyeshadow palette, that blue is AMAZING. The rest of the colours look wearable for daytime too

  3. that packaging is incredible!! love the second eyeshadow from the left on your arm too! Reminds me of some urban decay one

  4. What a fantastic collection. I will definately need to pick up that Entice Me palette.

  5. Ooh the packaging!! Admire Me is definitely going top of the wishlist!

  6. Aaah, smashbox <3

  7. The whole collection looks gorgeous and puts Mac to shame. I love both eyeshadow palettes.

  8. I love smashbox's eyeshadows, but im not too sure of the palette its looks a bit teenagery

  9. i love the red lipstick colors and i use these at special events....


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