Sunday, February 24, 2013

The pit of my week and the peak of my week - week 8

Ok, so the pit of my week is a bit different this week and it's mainly because I had a pretty good week overall but this stuck in my mind since it happened!  And it's more funny than bad, but still traumatic.  Those of you who follow me on Twitter and are regular readers of the blog might know that I work in a hospital.  I am supremely squeamish and despite working in the admin section, see and hear my fair share of things that make me want to puke.

One day during the week a patient rang up with a query and because we've patients that return regularly, I recognised her voice.  Before I had a chance to ask her what I could do for her, she started telling me her problems and went into such detail about mucus and creams, candida and snots and I kid you not, I sat there in silence with utter horror on my face, hand covering my eyes and wrinkles forming from the face I was making due to the fact that someone was going in to such graphic detail about her bodily functions as if she was telling me what had happened in Eastenders the night before.  I nearly got sick in my face wasn't the same after that for a while.  Too.  Much.

The peak of my week was finally getting around to getting Bailey's hair cut!  I love it when his hair is long and shaggy, but my carpet does not.  I bring him to Petmania in Santry so legged it up there on Friday evening for a quick snip snip.  The girl who grooms him is so good and he always looks great when he's finished.  He not only looks great but he looks younger and loses half his body mass!  If only it was that easy for the rest of us!

He's a skinny minnie who feels lovely and soft but won't leave me alone!  I think he must feel cold with his hair gone so is surgically attached to moi, but I won't complain!

How was your week?


  1. Jaysus, people volunteer their life stories to me on the phone where I work (about their websites, their businesses and such. We have a regular who's told us their daughter is anorexic and they had a triple bypass!) I can't imagine what it's like being on the hospital phone!

    Awww Bailey is such a cutie! He looks like a wee pup with his hair cut! Like you say, if only it were that easy for us to lose the weight. I'd love to have him round my house to keep me warm this afternoon, it's bloody freezing!

  2. Bailey is such a dote!

    I can't imagine having to listen to yer one in detail :P I'm not squeamish at all but that would still put me right off of my lunch!

  3. Bailey is gorgeous, he looks so young after his haircut!

  4. Oh Karen i get the same working on counter, people tell you everything!!! From health to dislike of the daughter in law or winking while they buy two of the same product for the two mrs. And they expect a full review of your life story.

    PS. Bailey looks so young after the haircut :).

  5. i hear every gruesome and in full pictorial detail! sometimes I just really hate my job! lol as for Bailey, he is just dotey :)


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