Thursday, February 14, 2013

What's in my handbag?

I do love handbags and have built a little collection.  They don't have to be any fancy name brand for me, just if I like the style and colour, then it shall be mine.  One of my favourite brands is Fossil and they're perfect for everyday use.  The designs and colours are ususally cute, bright and right up my street.  And Joanne's.  And mam's.

Mam got me the one I'm using now the Christmas before last and it has served me well.  I think I'll be getting rid of it in the next month or so because I bought a few more Fossil bags when we were in New York last year.  She got this one in TK Maxx which can be hit and miss when it comes to handbags but this was a definite hit and deserved recognition.

It's a cross body bag which is crucial for me because I'm always strangled trying to carry other stuff on my shoulder and in my hands so it's good to keep the hands free.  Also, this bag is small enough to fit into my desk at work.  A further point and probably the most important is that it's relatively small.  With me, the bigger the bag, the more stuff I pack into it and carry around.  So this one has everything one needs and more for day to day life!


I think I'd be lost without my phone.  I've been lost with my phone actually, now that we're talking about it.  I tried using the Maps App one time when I was desperately lost driving home from Dundrum and it told me to go one way, I went that way, then looked at map which told me I'd gone the wrong way.  So apart from that app, I love my iPhone.  Oh and the cover is from Fossil, bought in New York.  I love it but it's a hoor to take off which I sometimes need to do when using the wonky charger at work.  I was a Blackberry lover for years but after being a complete dope and forgetting my memory card on a trip to France last year, I was made see that an iPhone was a necessity by my travelling chums and haven't looked back.


To carry all of my money and when I say money, I mean coppers.  I'm a big fan of big wallets like this Coach one I bought in New York last year.  Joanne, Mammy Girlie Bits and I all bought one and some for presents too as they were on sale and you can't pass up offers like that.  When I switched over from my old wallet to this one, I was ruthless and only put the cards in that I use all the time.  In saying that, I have my Sephora card with me at all times in case I'm ever whisked away to New York suddenly.

Gold purse

I keep €2 coins in this.  I go through phases where I save my €2 coins and it's surprising how much you can save in a month!  I don't carry them all around with me, or else I'd damage my shoulder.  Every few days I plonk them into my piggy bank and then towards the end of the month, I can be found with my eye pressed up to the slit trying to see how much is in there.

Make up bag

I got this from Joanne for Christmas and it's one of a set of three from Fossil.  I love that it's plastic so that I can wipe it off easily as I'm always spilling things.  It contains all of the bits and bobs I need to touch myself up with throughout the day.  Wait, that sounded rude.  You know what I mean...  Touch up my make up....  I'll show you what I keep in here at a later time because if you know me, you know I carry around a lot of stuff avec moi but I'm getting better!


I get IBS from time to time and this stuff needs to be close at hand at all times.  Not the most glamorous thing to find in a handbag but there's no point showing you all the pretty things!  If I'm stressed or tired, I get rumblies in the tumblies and Colpermin has helped me out many a time and shall forever be in whatever handbag I happen to be using at the time.

Lip products

These guys have pride of place in the front pocket of my handbag for easy access.  I do wear lots and lots of lip products and like having a selection close at hand.  If I'd any cop on, I'd put some in my make up bag but then I wouldn't be able to do the lucky dip and see what I fish out.  Love them all lots.


I don't feel like I write enough these days.  It's all texting or typing, so I keep this teeny notebook in my bag for times when I want to jot ideas down.  Last week I sat down in Clodagh's Kitchen in Arnotts with a cup of tea and a brownie and spent an hour thinking of blog post ideas and plans.  It was great and the fact that it's pink and cute makes me want to use it more.

Roger & Gallet Ginger Spray & La Roche Posay Thermal Water

I have perfumes everywhere.  At home in a little unit, at my desk at work and because perfumes are bloody heavy, I've been carrying around this travel sized Roger & Gallet fragrant water that I discovered last year.  It's portable, smells gorgeous and makes me happy.  What more could you ask for?  My skin tends to get dry towards the end of the day at work and it's nice to give myself a little spray of the Thermal Spring Water from La Roche Posay.  It perks me up, makes people at work wonder what I'm doing spraying deodorant into my face until I explain to them that it's just water and again is portable.

So that's what I lug around every day with me like a beauty nomad.  I've left out the sachet of salt and map of New York I found in the back pocket of the bag but you get the drift.

What do you keep in your bag?


  1. Lovely post !!!!!!! Your bag contains almost the same items that my bag contains :D I can lost without my cell phone too ^_^ My love xx

  2. Loved this post Karen - and your wee handbag is dotey! xo

  3. Wow, thats so many lip products!

  4. Great post! And I feel relieved that you get questions about your thermal water spray as well. I always feel awkward using mine around people, but it really does the trick for me.

  5. My hand bag is also same as yours. All these things are very useful and you should carry with you when you are going out.

  6. Cannot believe how many lip products you carry - that's admirable!

  7. where did you get the baby lips i cant find them anywhere here

  8. where did you get the baby lips i cant find them anywhere here


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