Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Favourite Five posts of the week from my fellow bloggers - week 9!

Sorry that this is a bit late folks, but life got in the way this weekend!  I'm back with my Favourite Five posts of the week, so here goes!

Ok, the first one was written back in 2012, but I only found it last week, so technically it's new to me and do you know what?  I don't care, I'm going to tell you about it anyway and it has nothing to do with beauty!  So I'm going through a house-y phase right now and want to redecorate everywhere but spondoolies are lacking, especially after my spree over the weekend.  I was messing around on Pinterest the other day and came across this website that shows how you can play around with Ikea furniture and make it look all purty! It had never occurred to me to do such things, but check out number 2, the pink chest of drawers.  I have those and they're so boring and wooden but now I want to paint the living daylights out of them and hammer stuff to them.  DIY here I come.

Emma from Fluff and Fripperies made me want to buy all the things with her run down of the best of the highstreet.  Oh AWear, Topshop and Warehouse, you will have a lot to answer for I tell you!  And I shall hold Emma fully responsible for my financial ruin!  I'm shaking my virtual fist at you Ms Fluffy...  Now, with that said, I'm off to read that post again....

British Beauty Blogger Jane, what are you doing to me? You're showing me the most gorgeous bright lipsticks that look pretty amazing and I want them all.  Thankfully they're affordable and from Maybelline, phew.  Click here to check out how cute and bright they are!  Summer is close I tell you!

Whenever I'm having coffee with my pal Ruth, we inevitably end up taking out our make up bags to have a little root around and see what we're using.  Nurse Fancy Pants Chloe is showing us what's in her make up bag and it was like make up porn to me, I feckin' loved this post!  And now I have a bunch of new products on my wish list, so thanks Chloe!  Oh, and I want the make up bag....

I love Avon SuperShock gel liners a lot.  A really lot.  So much so when I got a press release recently about the new shades available, I audibly gasped in my office.  The Sunday Girl's post on two of the shades made me sigh and drool a little bit.  I need them in my life!



  1. Thanks for including me K, am honoured :)

  2. Love this:) really helped me find good blogs:)


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