Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What I bought on my holidays!

It's common knowledge that holiday purchases don't count.  See this post if you don't believe me and check out all the comments that agree with and endorse this belief.  Ahem.  So yes, I did a bit of shopping on my holliers.

Now, I'm firmly in the depths of the post holiday blues but the long weekend is imminent and is the only thing keeping me going this week!  But fear not, it's not all sadness and yearning for the blue sky and sunshine, for I can look at these purchases and photos and forget that I've nothing booked holiday wise for a while, so they'll make me happy for the foreseeable future.

Last year at the launch of, I received a gift voucher that I tried to use before going to New York but ended up not being able to.  But this time I was ready and organised and bought a couple of things for me and a couple for mam, good child that I am.  I bought Rose Paris, a Rouge Volupte from YSL after researching swatches online and boy is it a beaut! 

I'll be showing it to you and the rest of the make up bits soon in more detail.  My second purchase was my very first Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Calypso Coral.  I love corals in all their forms and have been meaning to pick this one up for ages.

Then whilst in the airport picking up my purchases from The Loop, I decided to treat myself to a replacement Essence Eau De Musc from Narcisso Rodriguez.  It's one of my all time favourite scents after picking it up in Spain last year and I made the mistake of bringing it to work where everyone fell in love with it and we demolished the bottle in about two months. 

This one shall be staying in my boudoir.  

While perusing the Clarins counters, I saw that they had the new Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors in stock.  Clarins had sent me the lightest shade that I showed you yesterday, but one swatch of shade 5, Candy Shimmer and I knew I had to have it.  More on that soon.

Now, despite being 15 minutes away from a Sephora, we didn't go into Alicante city and I was strangely ok with that.  Am I becoming more restrained in my old age?  Nah, I must be sick or something to not actively want to go to my special place...  Anyway, I did go to the local chemist for a mosey and picked up these two guys from L'Oreal. 

I've never seen the shade Seductive Beige (top) from the Rouge Caresse line here in Ireland and have been wanting to try the Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stains for a while too.  I picked a warm coral shade, Bonnie and it's going to be lovely when the weather picks up.  It's going to pick up right?

I think I did pretty well all things considered don't you?  Now, all I need is a pool and some sunshine to have all of my photos look like these!


  1. Oh my god Karen these photos are STUNNING!

  2. Gorgeous photos! Especially this morning :) xo

  3. I'd be interested to know how you get on with the pot rouge from Bobbi. I have one that I just cannot make work for me! It just doesn't seem to stay put, I'd like to know your opinion when you trial it!

  4. I have that YSL lipstick, it's gorgeous on! I've been dying to pick up that Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge too. Also your photos are fab!


  5. Can feel the sun on my skin just looking at those photos. Excellent work ma Cherie!

  6. These photos are gorgeous! The YSL lipstick is absolutely stunning. xx

    Abby | Beauty and a Blogger

  7. The photos! The summery-ness! I think I'm going to bookmark this and use it as a snow-combatting tool. Gorgeous choices, can't believe you didn't go to the Sephora, you should get an award!

  8. Your photos are amazing!!! Your purchases look good too!

  9. I love your haul! And the background... wow, I've never seen water so blue! :O

  10. These photo's look amazing! Really making me want to get out of miserable England! The products look stunning. Hope you had a lovely time =) xXx

  11. I had forgotten what sun looks like! Thanks for the reminder Karen :) Lovely haul x

  12. Gorgeous photos! I just got one of the YSLs too, can't wait to try it, looks fab!


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