Monday, April 1, 2013

My Favourite Five posts from my fellow bloggers - week 13!

What a gloriously sunny long weekend it has been and even though it's been cold, I don't mind.  No rain equals a happy Karen!  It has been another great week of blogging and so without more waffling, I'd like to announce this week's Favourite Five posts of the week, to be sung to the theme tune of the Famous Five as always.  These are my Favourite Five!

1.  Sarah over at must know me well as I love a good dupe post and this, my friends, is a great dupe post featuring NYC nail polishes vs more expensive ones.  I can't remember the last time I spent over a tenner on a nail polish and I can't see myself doing so in the near future!

2.  Another nail polish spoke to me this week and it's all Andreea's fault.  Check out her absolutely perfect nails as she shows off the new Salon Pro Nail Polishes from Rimmel....  Punk Rock will be mine.  Along with  Brit Pop.  And Soul Session.  Why am I kidding myself, I'll be trying lots of them.

3.  Lorraine of John, It's Only Makeup made me want to break out all of my warm toned products to help give my deathly pallor a hit of colour.  And I want to try MAC's Morange lippie too.  It always looks bootiful on her so watch this space and let me add it to my wishlist!

4. Now, British Beauty Blogger Jane had some technical issues with the Babyliss Big Hair Styler and I was devastated.  Don't you hate when someone is disappointed in a product that you love with all of your little heart?  Well, I read this post about the Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl Hair Styler with one eye closed and squinted through the open eye, but I needn't have feared, she loved it!!  And now I know that I need one in my life.  BBB recommended?  Get in.  And make my hair curly.

5.  It looks like the nail polish posts really sat well with me because here's another one courtesy of Scrangie. She's showing us Essie's Resort collection and this is the first collection I've looked at the swatches and said yeah, I love and want them all.  Usually there's one or two I'm not mad on, but these are lahffly!


  1. Checking these out... Thanks for the round up!

  2. Hehe, thank you girl! You have great taste, especially Punk Rock is deadly and to quote you- "you need it in your life" :) xx

  3. Ah thanks so much for mentioning me Karen!


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