Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April favourites!

April, you sucked big time on the weather front.  You were also the month where I had to shell out hundreds to get my car fixed and the month where my washing line broke.  I know I said you sucked regarding the weather, but there was great drying in that wind.  But in saying that April, you were a great month in terms of finding things that I love!

I find when I do monthly favourites posts, I end up repeating myself as I blog about what I love and am obsessed with every day.  So I'm going to try and keep this to products that I love and that I haven't dedicated a whole post to, but still love equally and see how we go.

Herbal Essences Dazzling Shine Light Reflecting Intensive Mask

I wrote about my love affair with the Fresh Balance collection by Herbal Essences here and on the day I bought them, I also bought this hair mask.  If I'm being honest, I bought this mask thinking it was from the same range because it was green.  I didn't even read the packaging.  Still, it worked out well because I'm all about having dazzling shiny hair and this fruity smelling hair mask gives me just that.  I've been using it with the Fresh Balance shampoo and they work perfectly together, giving me soft, swishy, shiny hair.  Totally worth the approximate €5 mark.

Carmex Moisture Plus Ultra Hydrating Lip Balm Peach Sheer Tint

I've never owned a Carmex anything before, so picked this one up recently for a go.  It said peach on the packaging which was an instant incentive and lads, it's fantastic.  It gives a decent amount of colour, has a slight tingly feeling and has worked wonders on my dry lips over the past month, thanks to the Vitamin E and Aloe.  I'll totally be repurchasing it and it was around the €4-€5 mark.

Optrex Eyedew Dazzling Eye Drops

Recently I carried out my most loathed chore in the history of life and that, my friends, is cutting the grass.   So last weekend I decided that it had to be done as Bailey was running the risk of getting lost out the back garden in the jungle.

Out I went and did it, grumbling the whole time like you do.  I was proud of myself and relieved that it was done.  So I sat down with a glass of Diet Coke to savor in the joy/pain that it was a job done when my right eye started getting a bit itchy.  I didn't think anything of it and had a grand rub, best feeling ever.  Then the other eye started itching.  I was perplexed.  I don't have allergies and started to become concerned/excited that I could possibly be allergic to cutting the grass.  I imagined the conversations I'd have with myself.  Oh I really should cut the grass.  Wish I could, am totally allergic.

I remembered that I'd been sent eyedrops recently, so stumbled up the stairs, opened the new bottle and got busy plopping the drops in my eyes.  I looked in the mirror and saw that my tears were green and had a mini stroke.  What was happening?!  I had a look at the eyedrop bottle and put some on to the back of my hand.  Ah, the solution was blue.  I wasn't developing grotty eyeballs.  I tell you, within two minutes, my red eyeballs were completely white and stopped itching.  I was delighted but also secretly raging that my big plan for not cutting the grass was foiled.   This is €5.67 and works wonders.

Make up storage 

You can read my post on it here, but having everything organised properly in my new make up storage contraption has cleared my mind and inspired me all over again to delve into all of my products.  I'd stuff everywhere and having it all in one place is good for my soul!

Iron Man 3

Image Source
Oh Robert Downey Junior, I could watch you sitting and doing nothing for two hours easily.  He is a grand man and the latest Iron Man film is brilliant.  Easily the best one of the three.  Action packed, funny and did I mention Robert is a ride?  I'm totally going to see it again soon and not just so I can have popcorn for dinner. 

My scarf

I know I've a lot of scarves.  That's the understatement, but I wear one every day so have no qualms about the sheer volume in my collection.  When I was in Spain in March, I picked up the best scarf in the history of life.  It's me in scarf-y form.  It's got animal print and I love that lots as it is.  I also love bright colours, so slap some neon pink love hearts all over it and what do you get?  This amazing scarf!  Oh I love it so much.  So much that it's too nice to wear to work, aka the place where I spill everything.  I think it's going to take a lot to top this as "My Favourite Scarf Of 2013 Even Though It's Only April And We Still Have A Ways To Go Yet."


The fact that I can wear my sunnies going to and from work makes me happy.  These are huge and were under a tenner in a little shop in Spain.  Wrinkles be gone while I swan around in my massive shades looking all swish.

My lips cushion!

As you may know, I'm turning the box room into a beauty room.  It's a weeny little room but I've got the make up in there and a chair bed which I can use for photos and videos.  I saw this cushion a couple of weeks ago in Penneys and what would a beauty room be without a big pair of lips eh?  €6 was the damage and I love it lots!

What were your favourite bits and bobs in April?


  1. Love the lip cushion! and the makeup storage! I love seeing how other people organise their makeup.


  2. I am trying to re-decorate the house at the minute too. Its slow progress and I am not enjoying it one bit! I've never had an eye for interiors to be honest! Thankfully mam and granny have gone batshit getting stuff for a nursery so I am going to leave them at it! Loving your storage for your products, I know i've said it a million times already x

  3. Well join the club because I have been waiting for this movie for a long time.

  4. I haven't posted my monthly favourites yet ( I'm so bad) but I will definitely include my all time favourite Lip Butter from Nivea Vanilla and Macadamia


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