Tuesday, May 21, 2013

L'Oreal Skin Perfection 15 Second Miracle Cleansing Oil, Radiance Revealing Gentle Exfoliator, 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution

As you know, I've been tormenting you with the concept of ditching the make up wipes and starting a proper skincare routine.  You might not believe me but I guarantee your skin will thank you!  I'm really lucky that I'm sent products to review for the blog, some expensive and some affordable.  My number one comment when it comes to skincare is the cost.  And I do appreciate that everyone is on a budget these days.  Thankfully, L'Oreal have released some new skincare goodies that are purse friendly and pretty fantastic.

The Skin Perfection Cleansers is a collection of nine products that cater for everyone's skin, be it combination, normal, dull, sensitive or dry and yes, wipes are one of the products, but I won't hold that against them!

You have to know at this point in our relationship as blogger/reader that I am obsessed with cleansing oils.  They're just amazing and a lot of people with oily/combination skin are afraid to use them in case they make the skin even oilier.  Here's all you need to know: in a nutshell, they balance the oil production of your skin.

The Skin Perfection 15 Second Miracle Cleansing Oil is a really lightweight oil that is a joy to use.  I apply about three to four pumps into the palms of my hands and rub my hands together to distribute it evenly before massaging it into my skin.  There's nothing nicer than working the product into the skin and watching it break down my make up, mascara and all.  You know I've sensitive eyes and it doesn't irritate my peepers at all.  After you've worked the oil into your skin, you can either add water to it and watch it emulsify before rinsing it off, or use a damp muslin cloth or face cloth to remove it, leaving you with clean, soft skin.

Next on our list is the Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution.  Micellar cleansers are all the rage at the moment and whereas I don't use them to cleanse my skin, I use them all the time to remove my make up, eye make up and all, before cleansing again.  If I'm going out from work and don't want to pile more make up on top of old make up, then I use micellars and this one from L'Oreal is gorgeous.

Micellar cleansers work by attracting the oils and impurities away from your skin like magic.  You don't have to rub, scrub or use any elbow grease at all.  This one cleanses, tones and hydrates the skin and doesn't strip any oils from the skin or dry it out.  They're one of those products that are handy to bring travelling as you don't need separate eye make up remover and at €7.69, is worth every penny.  And a little tip is to keep this close by with a Q tip to correct any eyeshadow mistakes one might make if one is in a rush and trying to complete one's look before legging it out the door.

Now, who doesn't love a bit of exfoliation? I go through phases of having dull skin and there's nothing that perks it up like a good scrub.  How amazing is it to put your moisturiser on over perfectly smooth skin?  Things like that just make up happy.  The Skin Perfection Radiance Revealing Gentle Exfoliator pretty much does what it says on the tin.

This wonderfully citrusy smelling exfoliator has lots of microbeads suspended in a clear gel and it refines the skin's texture, leaving me with smooth soft skin.  It's soap free so doesn't dry out the aul visage which is always good and I love using this in the morning to wake me up.  It's a mere €6.99 and if you're looking for something gentle and effective, then look no further.

The moral of the story when it comes to skincare is that you don't have to break the bank to get products that work.  If you commit to a routine, your skin will thank you for it and you won't want to go back to make up wipes!

Have you tried any of the Skin Perfection range yet?


  1. I really hope they release these in South Africa soon! Can't wait to try the cleansing oil and micellar solution. Thanks for a great review! xx PS Loved you guys in your vid :)

  2. I'm currently using the 3-1 micellar solution. I think you are right though, it does a good job at removing the current makeup however, I feel better when I have cleansed again with a different product. Does this defeat the object then??? Many thanks D :)x

  3. By the way, can I ask if you ever get the cleansing oil in your eyes and make every go all misty? Many thanks again, D :)x

  4. Big fan of cleansing oils so I want to try that one!

  5. I love a cleansing oil and we would have given this a try if it wasn't for mineral oil being the 1st this item on the ingredients list. Such a shame too as I was quite excited by a high street brand going into cleansing oil territory.


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