Monday, May 13, 2013

Maybelline Color Show Polka Dots range - Shooting Stars, photos, review

It's the oh so familiar story.  Girl goes into Boots "for a look".  Girl gazes absentmindedly over the nail polishes before stopping in her tracks.  Girl sees a stunning shade of the Maybelline Color Show polishes that she's never seen before.  It's called Shooting Stars.  Girl doesn't even need to try to justify this purchase.  Girl is in instant love with it.  Girl buys other things that girl will show later this week in the blog.  Girl doesn't need to spend a penny as she uses up her Boots points, rendering the purchase a win in every aspect!

Now, I need to find out more about this Polka Dot range from Maybelline but had to show you this gorgeous polish that I think will be the star of the show (ahem) in terms of the four shades that are available.  Shooting Stars spoke to me instantly.  It's one of those polishes that you'll spend ages looking at, turning the bottle, inspecting your nails to see exactly what's in it.

Shooting Stars has a jelly navy blue base and is packed full of differently sized hexagonal glitters.  Some are white and some are dark, either black or navy and the beauty of this polish is in the layering.

Because it's stuffed with so many hexagonal glittery bits, application is a doddle.  I've used three coats here to make sure the jelly base would look opaque enough in photos.  As you apply layers, the white glitters in the layer below get covered with the base and take on different hues of blue, leaving the top layer displaying the white glittery bits, if that makes sense.  This adds depth and dimension to a polish that makes me happy and not able to stop looking at.

This was around the €4.65 mark, so totally worth it.  I had a wee gander online and because it instantly made me think of Deborah Lippmann polishes, I had to have a look to see if it was a dupe for anything and the closest is Lady Sings The Blues.  It's not a perfect dupe from the photos I've seen online but it's close.

Shooting Stars.  I'd totally recommend to a friend!


  1. I wish I got this one too! I purchased Speckled:// Pink and Chalk Dust on Saturday, looks like I'll be going back for more! Great post :-)

    Megan x

  2. wow love this. looks gorgeous on your nails, well worth the boots points!


  3. I love how it looks on your nails!! <3

  4. lol, your first paragraph is exactly what happened to me when I went into Boots for my bi-weekly browse this weekend! I bought Shooting Stars and Speckled Pink, looking forward to trying them out. This one looks great on you!

  5. This is beyond gorgeous ! I HAVE to see if it's available here in France :D Too bad it doesn't have a larger bottle, it'd be a limited beauty haha
    Thanks for sharing the goodies !

    BTW I never received the neon nail polish I won in one of your giveway back in winter, what happened ? :'(
    If it's an error, please tell me because I changed my postal address...

  6. My eyes are shining right now... I absolutely need to find it!!! ^O^
    Thank you for letting me know about the existence of this treasure!

  7. really nice polish ;)


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