Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Real Techniques Limited Edition duo fiber brush set - review

To say I love my trusty Real Techniques brushes would be an understatement.  I've used my Buffing Brush almost every single day since buying it last year and don't even get me started on the blush or powder brushes!  When I heard Samantha Chapman was bringing out a limited edition set, I knew I'd have to have them, end of.

I bought mine on iherb.com, but they'll be available in Boots very soon if they're not already and Cloud10Beauty will be stocking them at the start of June.

So the limited edition set consists of three duo fiber brushes, except they're not technically duo fiber since all of the bristles are synthetic taklon, as are all of the Real Techniques brushes.  There's a face brush, a contour brush and an eyeshadow blending brush.  This time the handles are white with the logo printed on them and of course, me being the weirdo I am, wondered if that's Sam's actual signature because if it is, she's got grand penmanship.  

The whole thing with duo fiber brushes is that there are longer bristles, in this case, the white ones, which pick up the product.  Then as you start to blend the product into your face, the white bristles separate and allow the shorter bristles, the black ones, to blend the product.  It means you'll have a perfectly blended cheek, face or eyelid.

The face brush and contour brush are wider when you hold them flat, but when you turn them to the side, they're more narrow and so you'll be able to do a grand bit of contouring with either of them.  The eye brush is round, making it the perfect blending brush.

There's a decent amount of give in the face brush and if you're someone who's new to make up, or find yourself a bit heavy handed with powders, then a brush like this will suit you well.  It doesn't pick up a lot of product and means you can layer your powders lightly without ending up looking like Aunt Sally.  I find this brush works perfectly with loose powders rather than pressed, as the bristles pick up loose powder better and seem to dislodge a lot of the pressed powder if that makes sense.

The contour brush is a bit more rigid, meaning it's ideal for chiseling out those cheekbones or using with cream products.  A lot of people are afraid of using cream products as they're worried they might pack too much on.  Using a brush like this allows you to pick up the right amount of product and blend it easily.  I'm all about cream products at the moment and this brush works wonderfully with them.

The blending brush is lovely and again, if you're new to make up or aren't au fait with blending, it's definitely worth a look.  As I mentioned above, the white bristles pick up your eyeshadow and as you work it into your eyelid, the black bristles blend the product in.  Easy peasy.  I used it last night when playing around with a new eyeshadow and it was fantastic.  I was able to achieve a gradient look with minimal effort.  

All three brushes are a joy to use and a welcome addition to my already rather large brush collection.  They should be in Boots now, or keep an eye on Cloud10Beauty over the next couple of weeks.  The limited edition set will be available for a year, so you've plenty of time to pick them up.

Speaking of Cloud10Beauty, they have an offer at the moment on their Real Techniques brushes where if you spend €20, you get 10% off and if you spend €40, you get 20% off, so now is the time to stock up on brushes!

So will you be trying these brushes out?


  1. omg, you are so lucky! I wish that I had them! :)
    take a look at my blog and leave a comment - beautymorebeauty.blogspot.dk

    xoxo Signe

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  3. I've been hunting them the entire month of May and came across them when I least expected as always right? Got them in Boots on Sunday so hopefully everyone should be able to get their paws on them. Love them to bits too xx

  4. I ordered some brushes on iherb last week, cant wait for them to arrive! xxx

  5. I just bought the Real Techniques eye brushes last week - they are still in the box as I am saving them for the weekend, how sad I know! Great post - might invest!x

  6. Ooh these look amazing! I just recently got the Real Techniques blush brush and love it :)

  7. These look amazing! What did we do before RT? Can't wait for Boots to have them.

  8. I couldn't be more excited to get my hands on these!! They look amazing, thanks for the review! x


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