Monday, May 27, 2013

Sally Hansen Shore-ly - the perfect nude nail polish!

Regular readers of the blog will know that I'm not a big fan of the nude nail trend.  I've always figured, sure go bright, go sparkly, go glittery, but never go nudey.  Until now.  One of the polishes from Sally Hansen's Exotica collection, Shore-ly, has won me over like no other nude polish!

I've worn it a couple of times over the past few weeks and couldn't put my finger on what it was exactly that made it different to the other nudes in my collection.  After much pondering and pontificating, I realised that it's a much cooler toned nude than my other ones.  The other ones are darker, warmer and aren't enough of a contrast against my skin tone and thus end up making my fingers look like big fat sausages.

Shore-ly, however, doesn't have any sausage like tendencies and is by far the most flattering nude for me to wear.  Like me, it's chic and sophisticated *ahem*

Now, if nudes aren't really your thing or if you want to jazz up your nudey manicure a bit, then get yourself a glittery polish and one of the sponge tipped applicators that comes with make up palettes but we never use.  If you put a couple of blobs of glittery polish onto a piece of card, you can use the sponge to dab the polish onto your nails.

I've got four easy ways to bling up a nudey manicure but they can be done with any colours, go wild I tell you!  

1. Just paint a layer of the glitter on top of your polish.  You can leave it as is or put a top coat over it.
2. Using the sponge tipped applicator, dab the glitter on, starting at the base of your nails and working towards the middle.
3. Or dab the glitter polish on, starting from the tips of your nails and working towards the middle.
4. Add a layer of the glitter polish and allow to dry.  Then add a matte top coat and voila!

And that's it!  Nude nails with a bit of a twist!

What's your favourite nude polish?  You can find Shore-ly and the rest of the Exotica collection in chemists and grocery stores nationwide now at €8.95.


  1. Essie's Topless and Barefoot is my favourite nude. I think the trick about nude nails is that they need to have a lot of white in them - it (like you mentioned) gives a better contrast against skin and gives better nail coverage.

  2. Wow this one's gorgeous! I'm the same with nudes, none of them go with my pale skin tone!! Definitely have to give this a try. I also love the glitter on top, it's fab! Great post!

    Leanne @ Makeup Blast xo.

  3. All nudes are kind of bleh to me but I just might reconcile with it! You're no 3 style is soooo lovely! That I could definitely myself wearing. :)

  4. Essie's Fiji is my new favourite nude, the only one that doesn't give me weird mannequin hands! I love the glitter over this one, it's really pretty x

  5. I LOVE gold glitter over nude polish! So pretty :)

  6. What's the China Glaze nail polish you used called?


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