Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Vintage Bourjois blush offer!

Over the weekend, I went into Boots on official bloggy business (to look for stuff for an upcoming series of posts) and found myself at the Bourjois stand which is a very common occurrence as they're one of my favourite brands ever.  I've pretty much tried everything they have to offer and yet I still feel the need to visit the stand regularly.  And this time my weird stalking worked!

Bourjois had emailed me last week with an offer that wasn't supposed to be in Boots stores until next month but there it was in all it's glory on Saturday.  If you spend €15 in Bourjois products, you get a free limited edition vintage blush worth €9.99.  I was intrigued and had a look at the testers.  One swatch of Shade 34, Rose d'Or and I was smitten.  

How cute is the packaging!  This great offer is to celebrate Bourjois' 150th birthday month and the blush is available in three shades.  Rose d'Or is a gorgeous pink blush with gold shimmer running through it and has summer written all over it.  I'll be using it in an upcoming post, so keep your eyes open for that.

Now, to get this, I needed to spend €15 and to be honest, I had the Healthy Mix concealer on my list, so snapped that up at €9.99.  But what else did I need?  And then it hit me.  I'd never tried the famous Bronzing Powder, so thought it was high time I did and that was €8.99, I think.  You know the score by now, receipt thrown out.  

But the best part of the whole thing was I was able to use up my Boots points, so it cost me nada!  That totally doesn't count as spending, right?

The offer is while stocks last, so get thee to thine local Bourjois counter, help them celebrate their birthday and happy shopping!



  1. The blush is super cute! I wish we had Bourjois here in Malaysia. T_T

  2. Oooh, and it's TOO easy to spend €15 on bourjois!

  3. I've been keeping my eyes open for one of those. I just hope we'll get them in Canada. :)

  4. I really love that blush - I think I still have it somewhere but it's past it's best.

  5. The colour of the blusher is beautiful and the packaging is so pretty. Now i need to go and swatch this!!


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