Sunday, June 30, 2013

Pit of my week and the peak of my week - week 25!

Ah what a week it was!  I'd booked this week off to relax a bit, do some housey things and fit a few events in that made the week go by in a poof!  Well, it's now Sunday and I'm in the pits of despair as I'm back in work tomorrow but looking forward to catching up with the girdles and hearing all the goss from the week.

So the peak of my week.  Well that's an easy one and this post could have been written on Tuesday because the pit and peak both happened on the same day.

The peak of the week was that Joanne got engaged!  Woo hoo!  She FaceTimed me first thing in the morning and was like "Guess what guess what?"  Of course, moi being the optimist was all "Jesus what happened, is everyone ok, who died"?  before she told me the good news and I could relax that everyone was ok and she and Will are getting married!  I'm over the moon for them and the ring is beautiful but I'll let Joanne show it to you herself.  If you want to check it out, she's on Instagram as @robo_jojo and posted a picture of it the other day.

Of course, the planning set in, for me anyway.  And I took myself to Pinterest, the place where all the things are and found some gorgeous dresses for her....

Lights on a dress.  Feckin brilliant idea and it would mean Joanne could light the way during the night. All we need to do is see if it comes with flashing lights and then we're on to a whole different level, but that might start epileptic fits, so we might have to keep it to the non flashy lights.

Joanne's fiance Will has Dutch roots and you'll learn more about them later in the year... Cryptic clue for something brilliant there.  All I'll tell you is that the Irish and Dutch flags mean something different to Will and I thought this dress featuring the American flag could be adapted to include both Irish and Dutch colours.  Classy eh?

And finally.  The most unique wedding dress ever in life....  If you've seen our 50 Facts About Us videos on YouTube, you'll know that Joanne nearly drowned a couple of years ago on holidays in Spain.  Maybe if she'd had an octopus inspired dress, it wouldn't have happened...  A grand upper body workout there eh?

So yeah, that was by far the absolute pit of the week and nothing else came close to it!

The pit of the week was that dad wasn't here.

Friday, June 28, 2013

July wish list featuring Sleek, Ciate, Guerlain, Smashbox and YSL

Another month over and you know what that means?  Another month to wish for things I can't have but lust over!  I'm imposing a spending ban for July on myself but I'm heading to London for a couple of days during the month and am allowing myself a cheeky purchase or two.  I mean, we all know that the rules of spending bans are null and void when you cross international waters and yes, England is as international as I'm going to get for now!

Behold the things I'm wishing for this July....

July wish list!

1.  I just realised this week that these Sleek lip palettes were on Cloud10Beauty this week!  I haven't been allowing myself to look online except to research this post and I nearly swooned when I saw this palette in the shade Ballet.  

2.  When I was at the Smashbox counter last week in Arnotts, I fell in love with the Heat Wave Lip Gloss set, but due to being smashed broke, I couldn't pick it up.  Joanne thought they were nail polishes and couldn't understand why I was swatching them on the back of my hand!  How gorgeous are they?

3.  I've yet to try a YSL mascara and have only heard great things about the latest offering from the Babydoll collection.  Hmm... Might this be an airport purchase?.....

4.  It wouldn't be a wish list without a grand man and Joe Manganiello is a ga-rand man.  He is the reason I couldn't wait for True Blood to return and as Alcide the werewolf, he is often topless or in his nudies, but always grunting and looking fiiiiiiine!  So yes, I wish for Joe.

5.  Also from Sleek is the Showstoppers palette.  Oh this has my name written all over it and with it's mix of darks, neutrals and shimmers, this shall adorn my eyes, of that I have no doubt.  I just have to wait until August.

6.  One of my hobbies is to peruse the Sephora website, adding things to a basket I'll never purchase because they don't ship here.  I saw this set from Ciate and fell in love.  Called the Corrupted Neon Manicure sets, they have a neon polish, caviar pearls and a black light topcoat that soaks up the sunlight and glows under UV light.  Cuuuuute! I hope we get them here in Ireland.

7.  My other hobby is browsing the Debenhams website which scarily does ship here, so I kind of browse it with one eye closed, hoping I don't see anything.  That never happens.  Check out this absolutely stunning bronzer from Guerlain.  This tan enhancing bronzer for face and body would hurt me to use, but I'd get over it and tan the bejaysis out of myself.

8.  Finally we have a bag.  A beautiful bag.  A beautiful bag that if Arnotts stock it anytime soon, I'll have to buy it because a) I love Rebecca Minkoff bags and b) I love tan handbags.  So I'm screwed if I ever see it in person but will be screwed with a mighty fine handbag!

So that's it.  My lust list for July.  What's on your list? 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

What I'm using on my hair right now - Shu Uemura, Ojon, Dove, Schwarzkopf, Frederick Fekkai

For me, summer hair is all about keeping it quick and easy, no muss, no fuss.  Now that it's warmer, I'm totally allowed to mooch around with wet hair and have no fear that the mammy will give out to me for catching my death.  But in all honesty, I totally go to bed with wet hair in the winter due to laziness, but say nothing to her!

I've been using some new products recently and a tried and tested favourite and thought I'd share with you what I've been using on my locks for the past few weeks.

Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil Shampoo

You know I'm all about cleansing oils, but when I heard there was one for my hair, I was very intrigued altogether!  I was sent the Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil Shampoo for oily hair and when you read that the shampoo is oil based, fear not, for it shall not turn one's noggin into a grease ball.  It works the same way cleansing oils for your face works in that the oil breaks down oil.  So I'm left with clean hair, a scalp that isn't dried out as the formula is so gentle and I can get away with not washing my hair the following day.  It's described as an astringent cleanser which means that it refines the pores on your scalp and helps reduce oil production.  It's spendy at €40, but it last ages and it works and I don't mind spending a bit extra on something that actually does what it says on the tin.

Ojon Revitalizing Mist

The Revitalizing Mist with Ojon Oil (€24) is described as a finishing spray and promises to revitalise, rehydrate, detangle and tame flyaways.  I like to use it in place of a conditioner and after I've washed my hair with the Shu Uemura shampoo, I towel dry my hair and then shake the bejaysis out of this bi-phase solution before spraying it evenly all over my hair.  I generally let my hair air dry and the revitalizing mist gives me soft, shiny hair.  Despite having oil in it, the famous Ojon oil, it doesn't weigh down my hair and totally tames the frizz that I seem to develop during the summer!  I also like to spritz it on before heading out the door to give my hair a little extra somethin' somethin' or if I'm heading out into the sun and want to hydrate my hair before I singe it in the sunshine.

Dove Heat Defence Heat Activated Protect Mist

I picked up Dove's Heat Defence Heat Activated Protect Mist (€3.99) a while ago in Tesco after we bought the BaByliss Perfect Curl to prevent me from killing my hair from all the curling.  The directions say to spray it directly on to the piece of hair you're curling or straightening and then use your hair tool.  I tried this and found that the recommended two sprays was too much for my hair and left it too wet for the Perfect Curl to work.  Even one spray was too much.  So what I ended up doing was doing general sprays on a big section of hair and then it worked a lot better.  A great affordable heat protectant.

Schwarzkopf got2b Beach Matte Texturising Salt Spray

 While on an excursion to Superdrug recently, I decided I wanted to try something new and picked up the Schwarzkopf got2b Beach Matte Texturising Salt Spray (€3.99).  I wanted to have mermaidy hair and am a big fan of salt sprays except for the odd one or two that left my hair sticky and crispy.  Now, the got2b Beach Matte spray is great for adding texture to my hair and I love how it makes the ends look all choppy, like I've been out in the ocean.  It definitely gives more texture to my hair without feeling like it's drying out my locks, but it doesn't give enough wave action for me.  In saying that though, I've reached for it quite often when I just want that tousled look and is one of the better salt sprays I've tried from the chemist.

Frederick Fekkai Marine Summer Hair Beach Waves

The Frederick Fekkai Marine Summer Hair Beach Waves is my holy grail salt spray after John Frieda discontinued the Beach Blonde spray which was the best thing ever in life.  I've purchased this about three times over in New York so I'm not sure of the Irish prices, but having a little google says it should be around €20.  Now, I've learned the best way to use this is on dry hair and I like to give a good spray of it all over my hair and then tie it up in a loose bun.  It smells of coconut and holidays and all those good things, so is very summer appropriate!  After an hour or so, when I take the bun out, I have big, beachy, texture-y, tousled hair like nothing else.  And I know this is going to sound weird, but if I'm out or at work with this in my hair and I'm wearing my hair down, when I go to the loo, I tie my hair back up for those few minutes and when I take it down again, it's got added volume and bounce again.  Like all salt sprays, it gives a matte finish to the hair, so beachy hair a go go!  I've seen this in Brown Thomas last year and in Space NK in House of Fraser this year I believe, so definitely check this out if you want sexy summery hair.

What are you using on your hair right now?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

First look at the new Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+

Hands up, who's first "fancy" skincare purchase was from Clinique?  I remember saving all of my money from my part time job to buy the Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel and then I was all about getting my hands on the 3 step skincare system.  If you were going to America back then, it was advised to keep that under your hat because everyone would ask you to bring some Clinique home!

So last week I went to the launch of the latest product from Clinique; their Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+.

The original Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion hadn't been touched in 45 years and over six years ago, Clinique thought it was high time to give the formula a bit more oomph.  The reformulated iconic yellow lotion now gives a 54% improvement in the skin's barrier strength in eight weeks.  A good skin barrier means that your skin will be able to hold on to it's moisture better, so be adding a blend of sunflower seed cake, barley extract and cucumber extract, you'll have a grand strong skin barrier before you know it!

The DDML+ also delivers double the moisturisation levels which will leave your skin hydrated all day.  With Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin and Urea, the skin can absorb and retain moisture and look younger for longer.  So combine that with your strong skin barrier and you'll be a lean, mean, young looking,  moisturised face machine!

I've only been using this for a week so can't give a full review, but first impressions are good.  Really good.  You know I've got an oily t-zone and normal cheeks and it was because of said oiliness that I always used the gel version of this in the past, but felt it didn't quite give me the hydration my skin needed.  Well, DDML+ not only hydrates my skin beautifully, but it absorbs quickly and despite having all of these extra moisturising ingredients added in, still has the same consistency as the original lotion.

I'll report back in a couple of weeks with my full review, but I'll jump the gun and say that I think we're going to be very happy together.  My skin feels amazing in just a week and I look forward to using it every morning!

Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ will be on counters from July 12th and 125ml will set you back €40, or 50ml will be €24.


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Spotlight on MeMeMe Cosmetics

For a while, MeMeMe Cosmetics disappeared off the radar in Ireland and it had been a while since I tried something from the brand.  When they contacted me to say they were going to be expanding in Ireland and if I'd like to try out some of the products, I jumped at the chance.  I'd only seen a small MeMeMe stand in my local Superdrug, but nowhere else.  So I'm looking forward to seeing it in more places and hopefully it'll get the love it deserves!

So as I said, I was sent some products to play with and I'll update the post with the Irish prices when I get them.  First up, I love the packaging.  From the swirly font to the sturdy glass pots, it gets points from me in that respect.

I was most excited to try the baked eyeshadow quad and Goddess Eyes was made for moi wouldn't you say!  With a shimmery highlight, two medium golden shades and a dark bronze to add drama and definition, this palette is soft, pigmented and I'm definitely going to pick up more of these.  

The Rich Colour Eye Defining Cream in Silk Dust reminded me of the Buxom eyeshadows in terms of packaging and when I swatched this beautiful shade, it was up there beside Buxom's offerings, but is more affordable.  We like affordable.  

The Eye Line eye pencil in Clay is a soft brown liner that will work perfectly with the eyeshadow quad above.  I'm loving neutral eyes at the moment and this liner adds intensity to the look, is creamy, pigmented and can be smudged easily to create a smokey look.

Stay tuned for some eye make up looks with the liner and shadows!

Arch Angel totally intrigued me as I'm all about multifunctional products.  This has a coloured gel definer on one end to comb through your brows, add colour to the hairs and set them in place.  The other end houses a brow highlight that is subtly shimmery, won't make you look like you've big disco balls on your eyes and adds a bit of much needed light to the peepers.  I've learned that less is more when using the brow tint, but don't worry, I'll be showing it to you in more detail soon on the blog.

I think when we all think of MeMeMe, we think of the Benefit-esque cheek highlight, Beat the Blues.  This pearly pink highlight offers a lift to dull skin and gives a radiant glow to the cheeks.  Pale ladies will love this and at a snip of the price of Benefit's High Beam, I can't tell the difference between the two.

I was sent a lipstick and lipgloss that don't work with my skin tone but I've already decided I'll be trying out other shades of both products because texture and finish-wise, they're pigmented, glossy and feel comfy on the lips.  It's just that blue toned pinks make me look like Nikki Minaj on crack.  Check out the little built in light contained in the cap of the gloss and one side of the gloss itself has a mirror, so if you're one that's always on the go and find yourself trying to slap on a bit of makeup in the back of a taxi, then this is worth checking out.

I for one am delighted MeMeMe are expanding and can't wait to try more products from them!  I totally have my beady eyes on their blushes and definitely want to try out some peachy corally lippies.   You know moi and my corals!  

You can find out more about the brand and stockists here on the Irish MeMeMe Cosmetics Facebook page.  I'll definitely be trying out more products in the near future!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Face of the night! Before and after photos!

Last night I went to see Josh Groban in concert, I know, I'm wild!  I've been a huge fan of his for over ten years now and have been to see him every time he came to Dublin.  Well, when Joanne and I heard he was playing at the O2, we set up one of our military operations when it came to booking the tickets and managed to get front row seats!  So we went along last night with Ms. CherrySue and had an absolute ballfest!

Of course, when one is going to be in such close proximity with Mr. Groban, one needs to look the part.  So I thought I'd do a little before and after face of the night and show you what products I used.

This is why I need make up!
I decided to keep it simple and managed to do this look in about ten minutes with these few products.

Garnier BB Cream, Garnier 5 Sec Perfect Blur, Bourjois Volume Glamour Max Holidays mascara, Bourjous Cream Blushes, Stila Eyeshadow Trio Gold Glow, Estee Lauder Tempting Tearose lipgloss.

Because it's summer, I've been needing to use a primer to keep the shine down, so went for the Garnier 5 Sec Perfect Blur which created the perfect base for my Garnier BB Cream.  Of course, one needs to have defined eyebrows, so in stepped my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz.

Left to right: Bare face (eek!),  primer & BB cream, eyebrows filled in.
Next it was time for the eyes.  I used a baked eyeshadow trio I bought from Stila a couple of years ago but is still available to buy.  I might do a review on it soon as it's gorgeous and has a dark bronze shade, a golden shade and a shimmery champagne colour that work beautifully together.  That, combined with my Bourjois Volume Glamour Max Holidays mascara left me with a beautiful bronzey eye that is so wearable and made my eyes look very green altogether!

I needed a bit of blush, so out came my trusty cream blushes from Bourjois.  I used a blend of shade 01 and 02 to give a peachy natural cheek that complimented my eyes.

A quick slick of my Estee Lauder Tempting Tea Rose lip gloss and I was good to go, ready for Joshy!

And that was it!  A quick and easy makeup look that anyone can do.  I was going to film this as a video but didn't have enough time, famous last words!  If you'd like to see make up tutorials like this on YouTube, let me know and I'll do my best to film them!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

My Favourite Five posts of the week from my fellow bloggers - week 24!

Would you look at that, it's Sunday and time for another instalment of my Favourite Five!  These are the posts from my fellow bloggers that made me ponder, pontificate, laugh and basically want to buy all of the things....

British Beauty Blogger Jane's insights into the blogging world at the moment opened my eyes a lot, as usual.  One of her points in the post was how bloggers tend not to link or acknowledge other bloggers in their posts or on their blogs.  I've noticed that myself over the past year or so and personally, I've no problem sending my readers to another blog (sure isn't that what this weekly Favourite Five post is all about!)  If I've been inspired by a blog post and written my own, I'll link it.  If I think you'll enjoy something I've read, I'll link it.  I don't feel like I'm sending people away from my blog and am all for building up a community that I love being a part of.  I like promoting newer bloggers because it can be hard to be noticed in the ever increasing Irish beauty community, so any bloggers that I do link to or ask to guest post are ones I believe in and are in it for their absolute love of all things beauty!

I love Thursdays in particular over at CherrySue Doin The Do as it is Jimmy Rustle Thursday!  What's that I hear you say?  Well it's a recap of things that annoyed Sue in gif form and we all get to chime in with silly things that annoyed us.  Very funny altogether and very cathartic!  

Chloe, I'd made peace with not buying any Chanel polishes from the summer collection and then you big fat had to go and write this post on Bel Argus.....  Check out this stunning polish over at Nurse Fancy Pants and you'll see what I mean...

I'd seen Fuschia make up at the beauty trade show in Dublin a couple of months ago and promptly forgot all about it.  Then, after seeing Katie Healy's showing some products in all their glory, I want to try them now.... Why you make me wanna break my spending ban before it's even started Katie?  Whyyyyyy!

I love getting to know other bloggers and it looks like you all do too as we've had a great response to our video tag where we revealed 50 facts about ourselves.  Well, Laura from Buy Now, Blog Later posted 25 facts about herself and it was great to learn a bit more about her!


Pit of my week and peak of my week - week 24!

Wow, we're at the halfway point of the year.  Where did it go?!

The pit of my week.  Oh lads I've been exhausted all week.  Proper exhausted like I was coming down with something.  Do you ever get like that where every bone and muscle in your body aches and doing the simplest things takes so much physical effort?  Yeah, that!  Maybe my body subconsciously knew I'd next week off and went into shutdown mode, but I'll spend next week getting lots of sleep and will be rejuvenated before I know it.

The peak of my week.  For a little while, I took a break from going to events and launches for various reasons.  But I'm back with a bang and after deciding to book next week off for me to get organised and catch up on house-y and bloggy bits, it has turned into a really busy week.  But I can't wait to get stuck in, learn about new products and finally get to go to the dotconf!  This week I learned about some new products coming to The Body Shop, Clinique and had my make up done by Smashbox's make up artist Janine Bird.  Joanne and I filmed the makeover for the craic so we'll see what I can do with it!

Tonight Joanne, CherrySue and I are going to see Josh Groban in concert and we can't wait!  It'll be the perfect ending to the weekend.

How was your week?


Friday, June 21, 2013

Stila Turquoise Smudge Stick review, photos, make up looks

As a self confessed beauty junkie, I use many forms of justification when making a purchase.  There's the old "Oh I love it".  "I need it" is another tried and tested justification.  For us junkies "I've nothing like it in my stash" means you're going to get it because your stash obviously needs to be completed some day.  But at the Stila counter in Harvey Nichols recently, I came across a justification, the likes of which I haven't used before:  "I don't want to remove the swatch on the back of my hand".

This is what made me say those words.

Stila Turquoise Smudge Stick
We're talking about a Smudge Stick from from Stila in the shade turquoise.  But it's not just any turquoise liner.  No, this is the most pigmented liner ever to adorn my eyelids and the fact that it's matte, makes it all the more interesting to me.  You'll certainly be making a statement when wearing this and sure when better to make a make up statement than the summer when everyone is in good form and high on sunshine, so won't judge your makeup bravery.

In the summer, one of my go to looks is a bronze eye with coloured liner underneath the lower lashes.  Well, this is an aul beaut for under the lashes and yes, I'm going to say it, it adds a pop of colour to your eyes!

I love wearing coloured liner along the upper lashline too and on a sunny day, it looks amazing.  Stila's smudge stick applies so easily along the upper eyelid, not pulling or dragging the delicate skin.  All you need are thick black lashes and you're good to go.

Or are you?....  For a more dramatic look, I like to thicken up the turquoise liner and then apply some black liner close to the lash line.

I love the Smudge Sticks from Stila and have a little collection of them since picking up a set in New York last year.  They're all darker shades with shimmer and perfect for autumn and winter, but this turquoise one was exactly what the doctor ordered and I love it!

This will set you back €15 and is available in Harvey Nichols or on  If you want to add a bit of colour to your eyes this summer, then this is one to check out!

Thursday, June 20, 2013 is here.....

Ok, so in case you are a normal person (non make up junkie) and haven't heard, has happened finally....

This is amazing because you can now shop to your heart's content from the comfort of your couch.  This is also not amazing because you can shop to your heart's content from the comfort of your couch.  For make up junkies like myself, the lack of an Irish website reigned us in a teeny tiny amount when it came to our spending, but now... Now we can see all of the great offers they have, how many bonus points you can earn and when I saw they sold Origins, Stila and Smashbox, I had to sit down because this is serious stuff.... Think of the Advantage points!

From a beauty blogger's point of view, an Irish Boots site is going to be invaluable.  I mean, my first thought when I heard about it was "Yes! I can get prices of things really quickly without having to torment PRs!"  

Go check it out if you haven't already and I take no responsibility for the liberal spending you shall invariably do!


Stila After Glow Lip Colour Tangerine Dream review, photos, swatches

Only the truly great lip products are allowed to be photographed with The Lips Cushion.  Stila After Glow Lip Colour in Tangerine Dream is one of those great products.  Let me set the scene.  I went to Harvey Nichols to have the chats with Stila make up artist Martin Carter about what new products were on counters now.  We were given a few bits to try out at home, but no, I needed more.  After swatching them all on the back of my hand and gazing lovingly over them, I had a decision to make.  To buy or not to buy, that was the question.  And I think we know the answer....

Promising extended wear without drying out the lips, Tangerine Dream was love at first swatch.  The After Glow Lip Colours are responsive to ultraviolet light, meaning they're even brighter when you're in the sun and when the sun goes down and if you happen to have a UV lamp handy, they'll glow!  So something like this would be great craic at a festival or in Madonnas in Temple Bar!

I love jumbo crayon lipsticks in all their forms.  They're so easy to apply and Tangerine Dream has one of the twist up bottoms, so no need to sharpen.  We like that as we always lose pencil sharpeners.

Tangerine Dream applies like a tangerine dream.  But you'll see in the swatches below, it leans more towards the corally red end of the spectrum.  Right up my street altogether.  Up my street and has made itself comfortable in the cul de sac.

It feels super lightweight on the lips and leaves an almost satin finish in normal light.  When the sun hits it though, the orange undertone takes hold and it becomes even more vibrant.  It feels really comfortable on and as it starts to fade away, the stain remains and you can top it up with more product or lip balm.  I get a good four hours of wear with this one before needing to reapply.

I wore Tangerine Dream in a recent video we taped but haven't uploaded yet.  The fact that I was brave enough to wear something so bright in a video is huge and I'm proud of myself for going outside of my neutral lips comfort zone!

The After Glow Lip Colours are on the Stila counter in Harvey Nichols Dublin now for €14 or can be bought on  

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bit of a different Favourite Five this week - week 23! Favourite One - Frillseeker is here!

So as you know, every week I like to give a run down of my Favourite Five posts of the week from my fellow bloggers.  They're the posts that inspire me, make me laugh, make me want to buy stuff and more than anything, stick in my head.

Well last week hailed the return of Kirstie McDermott to the interwebs.  Well, she was always there on the Twitters, but I for one missed her witty writing every day.  When I first heard she was working on a new site, I got an overwhelming feeling that all would be right in the world and immediately started drumming my fingers on the table waiting for it to launch.  I probably set the launch back a day or two, tormenting her with messages asking "Is it ready yet, is it ready yet?"

This is what she's been working on and this is what you need to sign up for immediately!!  It's swish, it's colourful and full of personality, like our Kirstie and if it could be wearing a statement necklace and a bright lip, it would.

As you can see in my screenshot, she's got beauty, life, style, news, competitions galore and lots of pictures of tea towels.  And a cute robot tea strainer.  More importantly, it loads fully on my ancient computer at work.  Good for me, not so good for my workload.

Kirstie was a big supporter of Lovely Girlie Bits in the early days and so I'm delighted to help spread the word for her new endeavor.

Welcome back Percy!

Smashbox Waterproof Shadow Liner Metallic Marble, photos, make up looks

In the summer, we have to deal with moisture in all it's forms.  On sunny days, we run the risk of having our makeup sliding off our face because of the sweats and on rainy days, well, that's pretty self explanatory.  If there's a festival or concert on during the summer months, you're pretty much guaranteed it'll rain that night, so it's best to be prepared right?

I was given this Waterproof Shadow Liner from Smashbox at the end of last year and I've only gotten around to playing with it recently.  While metallic nails in the summer don't really float my boat, metallic eyes are a whole other story!  There's something about having a bit of a tan, false of course, and the sun hitting off your metallic liner or shadow that makes me feel like summer is here.

There are six shades in the Waterproof Shadow Liner collection from Smashbox and I'll be showing you Metallic Marble in all it's finery.  The waterproof, crease resistant formula keeps everything in place and in my trials, it's stayed put all day without a crease to be seen.

One end has the liner and the other has a little smudger that's actually quite good for blending if you're using the product to line the eyes.  

Ok, so if you're going to use it as a shadow, I'd advise having a fluffy brush or your ring finger at the ready because this stuff sets quickly!  I apply the liner directly on my eyelid in a messy haphazard way, bringing it up to the crease.  Then I take my fluffy blending brush and work the product into the skin, blending out any harsh lines.  If I want to add a bit more colour to the crease, I find that applying the liner directly to the brush and then blending it into the crease means that I'm not adding too much extra colour and it still blends easily with a nice gradient.  You can take the liner under the eyes too and blend as you go.  This gives a subtle, everyday look that will make your eyes sparkle!

If you want to try using the product as a liner, then have at it.  I played around with it a bit in the photos below, elongating the wing at the outer corner.  I didn't use any special brushes or tools and it was so easy to give a quick flick of colour that adds a bit of interest to the eyes.  And if you're in a rush, all the better.  Slick it on and bam, good to go!

Metallic Marble is €19 and is available on Smashbox counters now.  If you've got a summer holiday coming up, then this is something that is a) travel friendly, b) multifunctional and c) gorgeous.

Have you tried these yet?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Latest video - What's in our bag? Lots of bloopers!

I know some of you aren't on the Twitter and might miss out on when our new videos go live, so we thought we'd post the video a few days afterwards so you can keep up with the fun and frolics over at Lovely Girlie Bits, YouTube style!

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One of my favourite tags to watch is the "What's in my handbag" tag.  I think I'm just a nosy hoor who loves seeing what people carry around with them on a daily basis and I can't get enough of them.  So a couple of weeks ago, Joanne and I filmed three videos on the one day and got the ultimate fits of giggles during this one!

So watch and laugh everyone!  And subscribe if you liked it, give it a thumbs up if you thought we were a bit mad, or leave a comment if you'd like to make our day.

We hope you enjoy!  And yes, it looks like Bailey was the absolute star of this video, the little monkey!

Essie summer 2013 swatches and nail art!

Yesterday I showed you some pretty photos of Essie's new summer collection in all it's glory.  I took those photos on Saturday, when it was bright and sunny.  When it came around to Sunday, the day where I was going to get busy with swatches, the skies were grey and the photos just weren't up to scratch.  But thankfully yesterday afternoon was beautiful, so I was able to get a-swatching!

I've already described each shade in yesterday's post, so check it out if the photos aren't enough for you here.
Essie Naughty Nautical
Oh lads, Naughty Nautical is even more gorgeous in person than in the photos.  It's so bright, vivid and as you know, I love all things blue-y green-y, aqua-y in the summer and this is amazing.

Essie Sunday Funday
If you know anything about me, anything at all, it's that I love a coral nail more than anything.  Sunday Funday is tropical, bright and me in nail polish form.

Essie Full Steam Ahead
Give me a sparkly pastel nail polish and I'm a happy camper because flat pastels just signify Easter for me and nothing else.  The fine shimmer in Full Steam Ahead is beautiful and the pink undertones to the polish brings life to this shade.  

Essie Rock The Boat
Oh Rock the Boat, you're just gorgeous.  You look like blue water with the sun dancing on top of it.  This is a delicate, feminine shade that screams garden parties with Pimms and strawberries.  Yum!

Essie The Girls Are Out
The Girls Are Out reminds me of my first ever Essie polish purchase back in New York, Bermuda Shorts, except this one has shimmer in it.  This shade makes me want to sit and have a (big) glass of sangria and fan myself in the heat.  Love it.

Essie The More The Merrier
The More The Merrier is not for the faint hearted and luckily, I've a strong heart when it comes to polishes.  I absolutely love this almost neon, Shrek-esque shade and if you're afraid of wearing anything neon but want to be on trend, then plonk this on your nails!

Now, in yesterday's post, I explained how difficult I found it to a) pick a favourite and b) figure out what colour to paint my nails with.  So here's where I got a teensy bit creative and used a couple of the shades together.  This made it a bit easier and removed some of the guilt I had by leaving some of the shades behind.  

This is also a great way to justify the purchase of more than one polish.  

Dots.  This is about the extent of my nail art abilities so I put Sunday Funday dots over Naughty Nautical.  I love the contrast of these two shades together and took it a step further below and used them to create a bright manicure with an accent nail.

If you're in love with a couple of shades that compliment each other, than do the old alternate nail routine.  It's pretty self explanatory and very pretty!  I used Rock the Boat and Full Steam Ahead in the photo below.

This is where I lost the run of myself and got the striping tape out.  After applying The Girls Are Out and letting it fully dry, I used my striping tape on my ring finger to make a little fanned out shape.  Then I painted a thick coat of The More The Merrier over the top and immediately took the striping tape off to give me this!

Then I took my dotting tool out for the craic and gave my index finger the measles.

I'd a piece of the striping tape left over so stuck it to my middle finger across the top, painted The More The Merrier over it, whipped the tape off and voila!  I know, that's quite the psychedelic manicure below but it was just to show a few techniques and if bright nails are you thing, then go for it! 

The summer collection from Essie is on counters this much and they're €9.99 each.

What's your favourite shade and don't even bother asking me what mine is as I still can't pick one!

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