Friday, June 14, 2013

Bourjois Volume Glamour Max Holidays mascara review - before and after photos!

You know you're on to a good mascara when a non makeup junkie friend of yours tells you your eyelashes look "swooshy".  And it's only made better when you're reviewing lip products and a fellow beauty blogger (Emma from Fluff and Fripperies) leaves a comment asking what mascara you're wearing!

This is the mascara in question.

On shelves this month, Bourjois' Volume Glamour Max Holidays mascara is an absolute keeper.  It might look like mini sized, but it holds the same amount of product as a regular sized mascara, so perfect for travelling.  We all know how much we all over pack when it comes to bringing makeup away with us...

The Volume Glamour Max Holidays mascara comes in four shades.  I was given the black one, Ultra Black,  to play with and Electric Blue, Green Lagoon and Purple Mania make up the rest of the collection.  I'll tell you now, I want the blue and green one and know I'll probably get the purple one too if I'm being really honest.

With a 24 hour waterproof formula and promising 10 times the volume, it sounded like my kind of mascara for the summer.  Summer = rain, and I like voluminous lashes, thus, I would like said lashes to stay voluminous even in the rain!  I haven't tested out the waterproofiness of it yet, but rest assured, I shall and will report back

Does it work?  I'll let the photos do the talking...

I know.... Swooshy right?

The maxi brush allows you to comb through the lashes and stops them from clumping.  Check out how feathery my lower lashes are.  Love.  It.

We have volume, we have length, we have lift and curl, we have separation, we have swooshiness.  We have a  bloody brilliant mascara and we are delighted.  We need to stop saying "We".

This mascara stays in place all day, doesn't flake, doesn't smudge and just proves to me once again that apart from Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill mascara, I have no need to spend much more than a tenner for a brilliant mascara.  

This one is €7.99 and is the one to beat for me so far this year.  If you have eyelashes, you need to try this.

Now, pardonez moi while I scout my local Boots to see if they have the other colours because we do like a bit of coloured mascara on the lower lashes in the summer!


  1. This post made me so happy - and not just because of the shout out (thank you!) but because I have been searching for an ace waterproof mascara and I think I just found it!

    1. I'm going to test out the waterproof-ness of it this weekend for the craic ;)

  2. Oh how I love bourjois Mascaras, can't wait to try this!

    1. They're my absolute favourite brand when it comes to affordable mascaras, can't believe I hadn't tried this one yet!

  3. Jesus! Yet another thing for the ever-growing list, I haven't used a Bourjois mascara since they brought out that Coup de Theatre double-ended thing years ago. It looks great!

  4. well just to tempt you more are now delivering and you can shop online ahhhh :)

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  6. Curse my stupid brok-ed-ness!!! This is the first mascara I actually WANT now....!

  7. Wow your lashes really do look incredible! The only thing that would put me off buying is that it's waterproof, I find it a real pain to remove waterproof mascara. X

  8. Your eyes look brilliant, love the effect. looks like a great product! xxx

  9. Wow it looks amazing and your eyelashes really do look swooshy haha I love the look of the brush!
    Beauty For Thought

  10. Your eyelashes look so incredibly pretty! I love Bourjois mascara but I've not tried this yet... looks like I'll have to give it a go though!

    Charlotte - x

  11. It's cheap, it's tiny and cute, it makes your lashes look amazing, and it's French ! I want it ! XD
    One small downside: it's waterproof (been having issues with that lately) Does it exists in non-waterproof version ?


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