Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder - Diffused Light review

Now that summer is upon is, and we have the poor students doing their exams for that, the age old issue is rolling around again.  How do I not blind everyone with the shine on my forehead and schnozz?  This then leads into the next question.  How do I powder my mush at the start of the day and not have it disappear by lunchtime, only to reapply it for it to look powdery and cakey?

Well my friends, I have found the most gorgeous face powder and it's from Hourglass.

Now, I'd read a few reviews on these powders and couldn't decide for days which one I wanted to buy.  I couldn't find swatches that could make me properly decide which one I want and after trying this one, I see why.  They're so hard to photograph properly!  My good pal Caroline was going over to New York and after much study and investigation, I asked her to pick me up Diffused Light, and like a great friend, she did!

There are six Ambient Lighting Powders; Diffused Light which reduces redness, eliminates shine and gives skin clarity.  Ethereal Light eliminates shine and gives a moonlit glow.  Radiant Light gives warmth to your complexion.  Mood Light mimics the softest light and reveals your bright complexion.  Dim Light blurs imperfections and balances the warm and cool tones of the skin and finally Luminous Light gives the skin a soft, candlelit glow.  Just typing that makes me want them all....

Each of the Ambient Lighting Powders are free of parabens, talc and fragrance and the "photoluminescent technology" gives the appearance of younger, healthy looking skin by manipulating and filtering out harsh light.  All sounds very high tech, but does it work I hear you ask across the interwebs?

Well, Diffused Light is simply beautiful.  The photos don't pick up on the yellow undertones but you can see the fine, shimmery particles in the photo below which adds subtle luminosity, but luminosity nonetheless!  There was no point in trying to show this on my face as it's pretty much invisible, and I say pretty much, because the first time I used it, I put it on and thought "Hmm, this isn't doing anything for my visage".  I went about my business and a little while later, was checking myself out in the mirror, like you do, and noticed my skin looked different.  It looked brighter and dare I say it, glowy.

I was thrilled with myself and have been using it every day since.  It was only yesterday that I noticed something huge for moi.  As someone who has an oily t-zone, I don't have much patience to keep powdering my nose throughout the day.  And I'm not sure why I hadn't noticed it before, maybe it was because yesterday was the first warm day at work in ages, but I stayed shine free all day and didn't have to reapply once!  I mean from 7am until 7pm as I'm writing this, there's not a slick of oil to be seen on my mush.  This has never ever happened for me in the history of powders, especially in a bit of heat!

This is a game changer for me folks.  It finishes off my make up routine perfectly, stays put and try as I might to capture it in photos, I couldn't.  This is definitely a powder I'd recommend and at €41, it's not cheap, but it works, you'll have it for ages because you don't need to keep applying it and surely if you're someone who has to deal with shine, you want something great!

You can find Hourglass in Space NK in Harvey Nichols Dublin and I can't explain how much you need to see it in person, so go visit them and try them out.  I really want another one, but which one?!


  1. Replies
    1. I feel your want, as I want another one already!

  2. Ooo I don't know which I want I just know I want - maybe radiant light

    Dam you karen you know what I want what I really really want (this comment was brought to you by the spice girls)

    1. I know, it took me days to figure out which one I wanted, sure we can visit the Hourglass counter on Friday :)

  3. I've been dying to try this, even some of my favourites still need re-applying! Need to check this out ASAP

  4. Ooh. Lovely. I bought Dim Light on Friday but wanted to take a picture of it before I use it so it's sitting in its box softly calling to me....

    I also bought Raven lipstick which is the most unusual, amazing shade of red I have ever tried but not so great on wear.

    Anyhoo, great blog Karen. I always look forward to posts x

    1. Thanks Hannah! I look forward to hearing what you think of Dim Light :)

  5. I use Diffused Light too, it's gorgeous :)

  6. Oh nooo not you too!!! I haven't seen any negative reviews of this! Everyone loves it and I sooo want it!

  7. Ohh gosh this sounds good, I've heard a bit about these but actually had no idea they were available here! May have to go and *check* them out.

  8. Well I know where part of my wages in my new job is going. I'm completely sold!


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