Monday, June 3, 2013

June Wish List featuring Kerastase, YSL, Ciate, Essie, Clinique, Tom Ford, Nars and some lovely boys!

May flew by in an instant didn't it?  And I think it was the first month I've ever actually gotten stuff from a wishlist!  As you might know, Joanne and I got the BaByliss Perfect Curl last month and loved it and my lovely friend Caroline picked me up an Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder when she was in New York and a Tarte blush.  Alas, I didn't get Robert Downey Junior, but fear not, for I have two new boys on my wishlist this month!

Let's get to it!  Let's start at Henry and work our way around clockwise.

June Wish List

Oh Henry Cavill, you are a grand man in your white top so you are.  My future second husband will be in the new Superman film this month and I've already told my friends we're going to see it in 2D and 3D, because he's gorgeous.   I still have a yearning and longing for Tom Ford's Neroli Portofino and that will never change.  I'm planning on winning the Lotto so I can buy it.  The NARS Hearts New York set is named after my favourite place in the world and that's pretty much the reason right there as to why I want it.  I saw Aisling Keenan sporting the new YSL Baby Doll polish on Twitter last week and the fact that she has reapplied it a few times is huge for beauty junkies as we are awash with nail polishes.  It looks like the perfect bright pink polish for the summer.

I am obsessed with salt sprays and the Spray a Porter from Kerastase (€27) sounds right up my street as it doesn't give the sticky finish that other salt sprays do.  I want beachy waves so this will hopefully be mine this month.  In May I discovered Sherlock and watched all of the episodes.  So thusly, in June, I wish for Benedict Cumberbatch.  He is a grand man and his voice is sommat else.  With us starting YouTube videos last month, I've decided I want a MacBook Pro or a MacBook Air.  I'm not fussy.  I just need something bigger and better than my iPad to edit our videos.

I need to get my hands on the new Clinique CC Cream stat.  I've only heard good things about it and so I want it on my face thanks.  Oh Essie In The Cab-Ana, you might well be the most gorgeous blue polish I've ever seen, so no matter what, you're going to be mine this month.  Look at it!  Finally we have Ciate's newest set, the Chalkboard Manicure.  How cute is it!  Ciate have a pop up nail bar in BT2s this month, so go forth and get your nails did!

So tell moi, is there anything on my wishlist that tickles your pickle?  And be aware that Henry and Benedict are mine.  What's on your wishlist?


  1. Get the Mac Air, it has changed my life :)

  2. I would love a Mac, any mac, so I could start videos! I'd really like to get my hands on the Ciate chalkboard kit too! I'd also like to get my hands on Henry Cavill too;)

  3. I am going thru duty free on Thursday so picking up some ysl lipsticks off my wishlist and maybe some bobbi brown and armani stuff too on the list! Tried clinques cc cream but it didn't suit my dehydrated skin...much prefer bobbi browns bb cream


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