Saturday, June 1, 2013

My Favourite Five posts of the week from my fellow bloggers - week 21!

Another week over and another Favourite Five posts of the week from my fellow bloggers.  These are the posts that made me laugh, made me go "WHAT?", made me go "Ahhh" and made me go "hmm".


1. Aisling over at Think What You Like deserves props after going to see Beyonce twice when she came to Ireland.  The first night involved studying where she was going to stand the following night and it was totally worth it when you see how close she was to her idol Beyonce!  Read all about it here and enjoy what shall forever be called Beyonce Sunday!

2. Not only did Aisling essentially breathe the same air as Beyonce, but she became best friends with Dawn O'Porter and I credit Aisling with showing me this video which makes me now understand that I'm not a lunatic as I do this exact thing every single day going to and from work!  Read about her experience with the gorgeous Dawn here and tell me you don't do the same thing in the car every day!

3. Something ridiculous happened in the blogging world this week.  Jane of British Beauty Blogger was told in a nutshell that her blog wasn't good enough to work with a certain brand.  Em, wot?  If hers isn't deemed good enough then there's no hope for moi!  So I know the brand in question is talking out of their holes.  Jane is brilliant and so is her blog.  If you don't believe me, just read it.

4. Ooh Susan from Bright and Beautyfull got her hair did this week and BabyLissed it with the Big Hair styler so it was bootiful.  Turned out she was BabyLissing it wrong all this time and now has the hang of it, much to my happiness as it's my aim in life to convert everyone to the Babyliss Big Hair!

5. Fi on Make Up Savvy is talking about her Beauty Game Changers and I loved this post so much.  It got me thinking about my own game changes so I might have to do my own little post on it soon.  Read about hers here!

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  1. This is a great post idea to support other bloggers...I am going checking out the five blogs above right now!

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    xoxo Bec Boop


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