Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pit of my week and peak of my week - week 24!

Wow, we're at the halfway point of the year.  Where did it go?!

The pit of my week.  Oh lads I've been exhausted all week.  Proper exhausted like I was coming down with something.  Do you ever get like that where every bone and muscle in your body aches and doing the simplest things takes so much physical effort?  Yeah, that!  Maybe my body subconsciously knew I'd next week off and went into shutdown mode, but I'll spend next week getting lots of sleep and will be rejuvenated before I know it.

The peak of my week.  For a little while, I took a break from going to events and launches for various reasons.  But I'm back with a bang and after deciding to book next week off for me to get organised and catch up on house-y and bloggy bits, it has turned into a really busy week.  But I can't wait to get stuck in, learn about new products and finally get to go to the dotconf!  This week I learned about some new products coming to The Body Shop, Clinique and had my make up done by Smashbox's make up artist Janine Bird.  Joanne and I filmed the makeover for the craic so we'll see what I can do with it!

Tonight Joanne, CherrySue and I are going to see Josh Groban in concert and we can't wait!  It'll be the perfect ending to the weekend.

How was your week?


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