Sunday, June 30, 2013

Pit of my week and the peak of my week - week 25!

Ah what a week it was!  I'd booked this week off to relax a bit, do some housey things and fit a few events in that made the week go by in a poof!  Well, it's now Sunday and I'm in the pits of despair as I'm back in work tomorrow but looking forward to catching up with the girdles and hearing all the goss from the week.

So the peak of my week.  Well that's an easy one and this post could have been written on Tuesday because the pit and peak both happened on the same day.

The peak of the week was that Joanne got engaged!  Woo hoo!  She FaceTimed me first thing in the morning and was like "Guess what guess what?"  Of course, moi being the optimist was all "Jesus what happened, is everyone ok, who died"?  before she told me the good news and I could relax that everyone was ok and she and Will are getting married!  I'm over the moon for them and the ring is beautiful but I'll let Joanne show it to you herself.  If you want to check it out, she's on Instagram as @robo_jojo and posted a picture of it the other day.

Of course, the planning set in, for me anyway.  And I took myself to Pinterest, the place where all the things are and found some gorgeous dresses for her....

Lights on a dress.  Feckin brilliant idea and it would mean Joanne could light the way during the night. All we need to do is see if it comes with flashing lights and then we're on to a whole different level, but that might start epileptic fits, so we might have to keep it to the non flashy lights.

Joanne's fiance Will has Dutch roots and you'll learn more about them later in the year... Cryptic clue for something brilliant there.  All I'll tell you is that the Irish and Dutch flags mean something different to Will and I thought this dress featuring the American flag could be adapted to include both Irish and Dutch colours.  Classy eh?

And finally.  The most unique wedding dress ever in life....  If you've seen our 50 Facts About Us videos on YouTube, you'll know that Joanne nearly drowned a couple of years ago on holidays in Spain.  Maybe if she'd had an octopus inspired dress, it wouldn't have happened...  A grand upper body workout there eh?

So yeah, that was by far the absolute pit of the week and nothing else came close to it!

The pit of the week was that dad wasn't here.


  1. Three things:
    A)I hope you are well rested and Ready to go now!
    2)Congrats to the Future Mr & Mrs!
    - I teared up at the pit of your week...

  2. Also teared up at the pit, it's amazing how things can hit so deep so quick x Huge hugs to all of you and I'm looking forward to the inevitable wedding-related laughs and giggles, many congrats to Joanne & Will, and I hope you all enjoy every single second of the planning, it can be so much fun x

  3. first off huge congrats to Joanne & Will, such fantastic news and something to look forward to and plan for xxx

    I also teared up Karen; i know where you are coming from. My dad (Really my grandad but he raised me) died 4yrs ago today and I'm sad the little man inside of me wont ever get to meet him. Hugs to you all xxx


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