Sunday, June 9, 2013

The pit of my week and peak of my week - week 22!

Ah lads, wasn't the weather gorgeous all week?  And we must have done something good to have it stay sunny and hot all weekend!  I don't know if the heat was knocking me out at night, but I found it so hard to get up in the mornings, so decided to sleep with the bedroom door open and let the sunlight wake me up.  It gets bright at bloody 4.30... But I'm keeping it up and enjoying being woken up naturally.

So the pit of my week.  It was a pretty brilliant week all round so I had to really think of what was annoying. And then I remembered that one of my Twitter pals, Mariga, sent me a DM giving me a heads up on a company in Ireland who was using a photo of me from the blog to advertise her salon on Done Deal.  Eh wot bridie?!  I emailed her through Done Deal and after an hour, had heard nothing back, so I got even more angry.  I reported the ad and within a couple of hours, they'd taken the photo off, so I can't fault their service at all.  Nice one Done Deal.  Not nice one bridie who thought they could steal a full faced photo of moi and get away with it!

There were so many peaks of the week and Friday to Sunday had most of them!  I started off at lunchtime visiting the Stila counter at Harvey Nichols to meet up with Martin Carter, Stila's pro make up artist who talked us through the new products on the counter now.  I may or may not have bought a few bits ahem, so stay tuned for reviews and photos, but let me just say that we likey.  We likey a lotty.

Stila Countless Color Pigments || Martin Carter || Swatchfest!
Friday night saw me meeting up with some of my favourite blogging ladies.  It's bloody hard to get a time when four people are free, never mind a big group, but we had lovely food, lovely chats and lovely drinks.  We loved how we were all talking make up for ages and nobody was bored!  We skedaddled to The Exchequer and had a Key Lime Pie cocktail which nearly set the roof on fire, but was totally worth it.  Great aul night that'll have to be repeated very soon, do you hear ladies?
Fire fire!  || Key Lime Pie Cocktail || Cherrysue, moi and Emma (Fluffandfripperies_)
Saturday saw Joanne and I head out to Malahide with mam.  We had a wander through the village which is one of my favourite places to be when it's sunny.  The photo of the beach below has no filter and is what it was all about that day, happy, relaxing, sunshiny goodness.  We had the most gorgeous ice cream from the place beside Jungle Flowers and decided we wanted to try out one of the disposable BBQs, having only ever used gas ones.  I think it's safe to say we're hooked and will be using them a lot more over the summer, weather permitting of course.
Malahide beach || Best ice cream ever in life || Toasting marshmallows while hiding diddies
Today I went to Howth to have food in one of my favourite restaurants ever, The Oar House.  It was my bessie pal Caroline's birthday, so we went out with our other bessie pal, Eileen and had the best afternoon.  Food, laughs and more ice cream.  Can't get much better than that eh?
Howth beach || Fish and chips from The Oar House || Ice cream with a bite taken off as couldn't help myself
This was one of the best weekends ever, but I'm now broke, so shall be doing nowt for the rest of the month!

How was your week?  Share with us all!


  1. Hiding diddies! Ah ye're all gas, looks like such good craic! I got a 99 during the week with full intentions of taking a picture (you have to, really) but I had eaten it before I got to the camera at all. I can't believe this is week 22?!?! Jeebus.

  2. Glad your weekend was so awesome and it was really lovely catching up Friday - here's hoping the sun sticks around this week too!

  3. was a fabilis week of sun wasnt it? I was on my week off so really lucked out. Also ate my own body weight in 99s this week! mmmmmmmmmmmmm


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