Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New video! My every day face routine!

During the week, every day starts the same way.  My first thought is "Oh holy moly, I'm going to bed early tonight", followed by about ten minutes of moaning and groaning, before finally rolling myself out of bed and then the fun begins.  I run around the house getting organised, giving myself a maximum of ten minutes to put the war paint on and run out the door.

I've perfected the routine of making myself look human in very little time and thought I'd share it with you today!

Not only that, I decided to record it for you!  I'm having a ball with the whole YouTube thing and tried my hand at doing a voice over.  Honest to God, it was so hard and I felt like I had the Countdown clock ticking beside me trying to time everything!  But sure it's all part of the learning curve and I'm up for the craic!

So without further ado, behold le video.  All product details are in the description bar.

What products do you use every morning that make you look alive?!


  1. I just LOVED the difference between "Before" and "After" pictures! You look amazing after the daily face routine :) Eyes are sparkling and the lip color is amazing :) Really liked it :)

  2. Great video as usual. You look great both before and after. I use the last of my Avon BB cream, my Avon Supermagnify mascara and a run over of (surprise, surprise) an Avon lipgloss and I'm ready to rock.
    When I run out of my avon goodies I will need others so you're videos and blog posts are gold dust and I already have a shopping list in work for when I need replacements!
    Keep up the good work ladies

  3. I love your videos! This one was especially great. You just look like so much fun :) I hope Garnier releases that primer in South Africa soon! xx

  4. Loved the video - I love looking at foundation routine videos!! Everyone has their own way!

    On an everyday basis I'd use
    Moisturiser - Simple Anti Blemish
    Foundation - Garniers BB cream (for combination skin) or Bourjois Healthy Mix.
    Powder - Either Macs Studio Fix Powder or Fuschias Mineral Foundation.
    Blush - ELF Baked Blush in Pink Passion
    Eyes - Urban Decay's Naked Palette (Virgin, Sin, Sidecar & Toasted)
    Mascara - Estee Lauders Double Wear Lenghtening Mascara
    Lips - Revlon Lip Butter Creme Brulee

  5. I love your voice!!!! If I ever do yoootooob, you will be my VOA (Voice Over Art-teeeest)


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