Monday, July 8, 2013

Pit and peak of my week - week 26!

How nice was the weekend folks?  I hope you made sure to lash on the suncream if you were out and about in the sun!

The pit and peak of my week happened on the same day this week.  We'll start with the pit of the week.  So Joanne and Will came home Friday night from their holidays and we decided to throw a family BBQ to celebrate their engagement.  I was all ready to whip out some of the deadly disposable BBQs before getting a textual message from mam saying she'd bought a gas one.  Grand I thought.  So mam, Joanne and Stephen's girlfriend Claire prepared all of the food while Stephen and I tried to attach the gas bottle to the BBQ.  Try as we might, we couldn't get the red cap to sit on the top of the bottle properly.  So we went back to the garden centre where mam bought the BBQ where a guy said he'd checked the manual and it works with the two types of gas, the yellow and the grey bottles.  We had a yellow bottle.  There was nowt he could do for us. So we went back to the house to try again.  Nada. 

So I legged it out to Woodies with Claire to buy some disposable BBQs because at this point, Will's brother and girlfriend were there and we were all weak with the hunger.  While we were out, mam and Stephen brought the BBQ back to the garden centre where another guy was there and said that it only worked with the grey bottle of gas... FFS!  Know your sh*t people!!!

The peak of the week was finally sitting down to lots of delicious food!  We ate ourselves silly, ended up with the meat sweats and had a grand aul laugh.  There wasn't one photo taken of the food as we were all too hungry and too busy enjoying ourselves!   It's going to be great craic helping them organise the wedding and you never know, there might be a little spin off blog/YouTube channel in the offing!

How was your week?


  1. Congratulations Joanne! I am so jealous of everyone having BBQ's in this lovely weather! We haven't had one yet. I love seeing one of your blog posts pop up on my feed because you always review stuff that I would most definitely buy. So thankyou for your well written blog posts. I also LOVE you and Joanne on YouTube together! Yous are hilarious (as is Bailey)!
    Alice :)

  2. Also, sorry Karen if you'd prefer I didn't write my link at the bottom of my comment. Just let me know and I won't do it in future!
    Alice :)


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