Monday, July 15, 2013

Review! Flashing Lilac from L'Oreal Color Riche Neon Pop collection, photos, swatches

During the summer months, you'll rarely find me without a bright colour on my nails.  I think I'd rather have no colour on than to wear a dark shade!  I must be quite the traditionalist when it comes to seasons and polishes.  Thankfully, L'Oreal's latest collection, Neon Pop, has me sorted for the summer months.  I'll be showing you the rest of the collection soon, but today, I'm showing you my favourite shade.

Oh Flashing Lilac you're only gorgeous.  To me, this is an understated shade for summer and one that is office friendly to most out there.  I've tried wearing full on neon shades to work before, only to blind myself while answering the phone.  But this one will preserve your retinas.

This shade dries to an almost matte finish, so I've lashed a top coat over mine so as not to smudge it when taking my photos.  I usually apply three coats for blog photos, but I only needed two here.

Like the rest of the Color Riche polishes, this one has the wide brush that makes application easy peasy and because of the matte finish, it dries quickly too.  I find that with matte polishes, they don't last too long without a topcoat, so pick your favourite one and lash a coat on.

The four strong Neon Pop collection retails at €7.49 each and will be in usual stockists soon if not already.  

Do you like a birra neon in the summer?


  1. That is one gorgeous purple shade that I would totally put on my nails for summer! <3

  2. This color is really nice!

    However I'm not that big fan of L'Oreal Color Riche anymore. Comparing to some other brands they thicken too quick and it is impossible to use them normally ;/ And I find it quite bad because the amount is just right for the pretty color of nice nail polish but even with this amount it is impossible to finish them fully..

  3. Saw this new range in Boots. Absolutely love neons. Never tried this brand though. There's a nice pink too but v similar to others I have.

  4. The first thing I thought when I saw the picture pop up was that it seemed like a reasonably office-friendly neon! It's a gorgeous shade and I love the brushes on these - so easy to apply!

  5. Love it! I love purples so I def love this one. I would love to try this one out. Another addition to my collection.

  6. Love the color ! I love gel nail polish . Thank you for sharing your nails effect. :)


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