Friday, August 16, 2013

Gorgeous new scarves from Promod!

Karen and I were in town recently, just having a mosey.  I didn't need anything, so what does that mean?  I buy things.  Two scarves that are the same but in different colours.  This is a Constantine tradition!

I saw these scarves in Promod in Debenhams in Dublin.  What's there not to love - leopard print and shimmer.  Ok, I'll take both!  The pink one caught my eye first and I've been wearing it so much over the last week.  It's such a pretty wine/light pink print with a rose gold shimmer scattered around the scarf.

Once I decided to buy the pink one, Karen pointed out the black/grey scarf with silver shimmer and I looooved it.  I knew it would be perfect with a black jacket I have that has a silver tinge to it so after a few seconds of thought I said, yup, you are coming home with me too.

I'm loving the shimmer in the scarves.  It's hard to photograph but it's subtle enough to wear during the day without looking like a disco ball.

I'm definitely going to keep an eye on the scarves in Promod at the moment.  These were priced at €14.95 each which I think is excellent for the quality.  You can find the pink one online here and the grey one here.

Have you seen any nice scarves recently that I may need to check out?


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  1. Oh they're lovely! I was browsing scarves on Asos the other day and they've some lovely ones in at the minute. I'm on the hunt for a giant tartan one, husband said I'll look like an extra out of Elf but I care not ;-)


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