Friday, August 9, 2013

Joanne's Skin Care Routine - Dry/Sensitive Skin

I have finally found a skin care routine that actually works for my skin so I just had to share it with every other dry/sensitive skin sufferer out there.  From about 14 years old I have suffered from really really dry skin.  It would effect my forehead and either side of my nose.  The skin would get really dry and flakey and sometimes even sore.  I have tried so many creams from Nivea to steroid cream from the chemist (which is not advised) and even forked out over €100 to get Creme de la Mer, which didn't work great for me.  But thanks to Karen, she has introduced so many amazing products to me over the last year and a half and honestly, my skin has never felt or looked better.  So here they are ... (queue angel music)

So each morning I start off with Nuxe Micellar Foam Cleanser with rose petals and my Emma Hardie face cloth. 

The cleanser is for normal to combination skin as well as sensitive skin.  All you need to do is wet your face and apply one pumpful to it.  It gently cleanses and purifies the skin.  I use the soft side of the Emma Hardie face cloth to wash my face with the cleanser.  About once a week I use the muslin cloth side of the face cloth for a gentle exfoliation.  My skin feels so soft and clean and I don't feel any irritation from the cleanser, which is a first for me.

Next up is La Roche-Posay's Hydraphase Intense Serum which is gorgeous.  

This is a concentrated rehydrating gel which is paraben free.  Again I just use one pump which doesn't look like much, but I rub it on my finger tips (which I learned from the Creme de la Mer sales assistant is what you do as your finger tips have no pores so it doesn't absorb any of the cream...  Is it true?  I'm not sure but I have been doing this ever since) and then I apply it all over my face.  It feels very light weight and it is absorbed into the skin very fast.

Then finally, I use my favourite product ever, the La Roche-Posay's Hydraphase UV Intense Legere which I have been using non stop for the past two years.

The Hydraphse is a long lasting and intense rehydration cream which is perfect for my skin.  Again I use one pump of this, rub it on my finger tips and then rub it all over my face.  I love this cream as there is an SPF 20 in it which has been brilliant  over the last few weeks with the weather we have been having.  I love all these products and after work when I come home, my face doesn't feel dry at all which is amazing for me!

At night time I use Nuxe again with my Emma Hardie cloth but for my moisturising cream I use La Roche-Posay's Hydraphase Intense Riche cream.

One pump is plenty and as it is an intensive rehydrating cream with no SPF, its perfect for night time use. 

So there you have it.  My holy grail of skin care products.  What type of skin do you have and what do you use?



  1. You've reminded me how much I love that NUXE rose petal range! Delighted you have found a routine that works for you xo

  2. Awesome skin care products! Good products for dry and sensitive skin. I would try them.

  3. I have sensitive combination skin and love La Roche-Posay's Hydraphase UV Intense Legere too

  4. Nice routine! These might be good options for me for cold Canadian spells. :)

  5. Love all the LRP hydrpahse stuff!!! That nuxe looks nice, might try grab a bottle!!
    glad its working well for you :)

  6. I love the Hydraphase, I've been using it for years too! That facecloth looks so sof I want one!

  7. My skin reacted really badly to the Hydraphase Intense Serum. I was left with red inflamed patches on my face so now I'm terrified to use anything else in the range. Such a shame as its designed for my exact skin type.

  8. YAY to Nuxe Rose Petale Range!
    The Hydraphase moisturizing cream sounds great for day cream because it has SPF 20!

  9. Interesting! Dry skin is really one skin problem that requires much care. And of course a mild skin care product.

  10. Everyone needs to seem sensible and contemporary particularly for females therefore your article is incredibly emotive concerning skin care.
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  11. nice post
    but i prefer natural face scrubs couz of my sensitive skin
    best makeup for sensitive skin

  12. Sounds great!! Dry skin is now one of the most skin related problem these days. Loved your products and would like to try once as i am currently using organic products by world organic.


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