Monday, August 26, 2013

New! Michael Kors Beauty Collection is coming to Arnotts!!

This is what I'll be spending my money on in October....  Up until last week, I didn't even remotely think we'd be getting the Michael Kors beauty collection and now I'm giddy with excitement!

Look at the packaging... Don't you want to die with happiness?  Don't die yet.  Wait until October when you can buy these beauts, then put them on your face and then you can die of happiness.  Michael Kors has us sorted no matter what end of the beauty spectrum you're interested in.  There’s a Beauty Collection, a Fragrance Collection, a Body Collection and a Sun Collection.  And I want them all.

The collection is broken down into three moods, depending on what one you're in.  Sporty, Sexy and Glam.  Since I'm a moody hoor, does that mean I can buy everything?  Yes.  I thought so.

There are three fragrances in the collection, Sporty Citrus, which let's be honest, might make me sporty if I had it on me.  Sexy Amber sounds warm and inviting, like my good self and anything jasmine is me all over, so Glam Jasmine will be right up my street.

There are corresponding Lip Lustre Lipsticks and Lip Lacquer Glosses (€27.50), and nail polishes (€20) depending on your mood and the bottles are just works of art aren't they?  The shades range from nudes to dark vampy shades and make me happy just looking at the photos, so when I do buy some, I'll have to have a little sit down I think.

My Monday just got better with the thoughts of getting my hands on these guys.  Is there anything you fancy?  Shall I meet you in Arnotts when it launches?


  1. *Drools* Oh my god they look amazeballs! I want everything too, although I'd be afraid to put my paw prints all over the lovely shiny packaging!

    1. I know! I'd have to walk around with a duster in my back pocket to keep it all looking pretty!

  2. I love the look of the range so much, I really want something from it!

  3. Love the MK brand, really excited about this!


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