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Get rid of your crispy hands with our Cicaplast Hands trial & La Roche-Posay!

Do you have crispy hands?  Or hands that are not unlike a well known breakfast cereal known to help keep you regular?  Ahem...  Important questions I'm sure you'll agree.   What about hand creams?  Do you have to stand with your hands in the air waiting for it to sink in, making you look like you're a surgeon that's just scrubbed up, when in actual fact you just want to be able to use your phone because you have some serious goss to share with your pal and you know she is going to wet herself when she hears it?

Yesterday we posted a video on YouTube where we chatted about the things we don't like about hand cream and rough hands.  Yes, we used a brekkie cereal to get our point across and yes, we blatantly used Bailey the wonder cockapoo as a prop, because everyone loves Bailey, but more importantly, we made fools of ourselves.  But for good reason!  You might know that I'm prone to a little scientific experiment from time to time and I've become my own guinea pig over the past three years on the blog.  Now I want to get you all involved!  But let me tempt you with a bit of an incentive... Imagine I'm dangling a La Roche-Posay hamper style carrot in front of your schnozz.

The incentive.
All of those who take part in the trial below and complete all of the steps will be entered into a draw to win one of three hampers from La Roche-Posay worth €100 each!  I know.   So you'd be mad not to give it a go.  Sure you'll get to try a new product out, hopefully help your hands get better and just think, when you go to a chemist and see those statistics, you'll know that you were a part of that!  The possibility of winning a hamper is just icing on the cake!

The Details
We've joined forces with La Roche-Posay and are looking for people to join a panel who will be trialling products over the coming months.  First up is the CICAPLAST HANDS Repairing Barrier Cream.  You'll know at this point, the weird and unnatural love I have for CICAPLAST Baume B5 and recently fell in love with the CICAPLAST lip balm which is for those with really dry lips.  Well, CICAPLAST HANDS is aimed at those with really dry hands.  We're generally talking about people who work in jobs where hand hygiene is really important.  We're talking nurses who have to wash their hands a lot during the day and use alcohol gel; hairdressers who's hands are in water a lot washing our noggins, farmers who do farmy things like ploughing and stuff so I'm told,  chefs and waiters who need to keep their pingies clean while they're around our dinner, cleaners who's hands are in strong cleaning solutions for a good portion of the day.  Or what about those people who are always in the gym?  Yes, they make me want to get sick in my face, pumping the iron and being all healthy with their brightly coloured brand new runners.  Not only are they getting fit and buff, but lots of them get calluses on their hands from lifting weight which really does reinforce my belief that no good can come from lifting weights or doing any kind of gym things!

The Science bits.
CICAPLAST HANDS is a lightweight, non oily, non greasy hand cream with a difference.  CICAPLAST HANDS has 30% Glycerine which creates a physical barrier, giving your hands a chance to repair themselves from external aggressors.  It also contains 4% Niacinamide which creates a biological barrier and will stop inflammation and cracks, and will also help your hands improve their own barrier function.  So essentially, it's a hand cream that actually does something rather than just sitting on your hands smelling nice.  Oh and it's fragrance free, so boys have no excuse not to use it!

Sorry, but it's about time a hand cream was released that actually does something for your hands!  Also, not quite sciencey, but one of Lovely Mammy Bits' hobbies in life is to try out all of the hand creams.  She's got dry hands herself.  Not quite Weetabix-y, but close and can never get them to stop cracking and ends up picking at any dry skin she feels.  She knows what types of hand creams she likes and isn't afraid to tell me how she feels about them.  So far, CICAPLAST HANDS is a keeper, but I'll report back in a couple of weeks as I'm going to make her try it properly too.

The Housekeeping.
If you're interested in being part of the trial, or if you want to nominate someone who has mucho dryo hands, then send us an email at with:
1. Name (If you're nominating someone, then send their name)
2. Full Postal Address - you must be a resident of the Republic of Ireland
3. Email address (If you're nominating someone, send moi their email address)
4. Occupation
5. Does your occupation affect the condition of your hands?  Yes or No.
6. Please tell us in your own words the current condition of your hands, the activities you do daily that affect the conditions of your hands and why you'd like to be part of this trial.  (Feel free to mention the texture, any dry areas, flaking, hard skin tears etc plus the type of activities that might aggravate or irritate your hands further).

I'll go through the entries and choose the lucky candidates who will be part of the trial.  You won't need to wear lab coats or protective eyewear.  Unless you want to...  Just use the hand cream for two weeks!  I'll email you to let you know you've been chosen and will pass your details on to the team at La Roche Posay who will send you out a tube of CICAPLAST HANDS to test out.  You'll also receive a questionnaire asking about your first impressions of CICAPLAST HANDS.  After two weeks, we'll follow up with you and see how you got on.  We'll have a little questionnaire for you to fill out, all very scientific don't you know and if you'd like to send any before and after photos of your hands, that'd be sweet!  You and your hands could be famous!

Now, ladies are usually more likely to email in for this kind of thing because let's be honest, we're brilliant and proactive!  If your gentleman friend has hands that would exfoliate you quicker than any scrubby glove, feel free to email me and nominate him.  I will tell him he's great and you can then cajole/bully him into using it with the fact that be doing so, he could win you one of the hampers.  Hampers = happy lady.  We like happy ladies.

What are you waiting for?!

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