Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy - Shade 100 Androgino, Shade 305 Brick, review, photos, swatches

Nothing makes me happier than a lipstick launch.  And when we're talking a huge 36 new shades, it was good I was sitting down when I saw them all.  It was like an Armani army and I was the captain general, except I was the one saying "Sir, yes sir" after feasting my eyes on them.

So they're calling them the first CC lipstick, and before you start groaning at the mere mention of CC, it stands for care and colour, nothing more scientific or gimmicky than that.  But before we go into that, can we just take a minute and look at the packaging...  It's red... And shiny.... And has a magnetic closing doo-daa which if you're impressed by, means you're a full blown makeup junkie and I embrace you with open arms.

So back to the CC part of things.  The formula has a Melting Cream Complex of creams and shea butter which help moisturise and nourish the lips and helps lock moisture into the lips.  There are promises of lips being revived, healthier and smoother after four weeks of use, but a) I've only had these for a week so can't really comment on that and b) I don't know if I could commit to four weeks of just the one or two lip colours!  So that's the "Care" part sorted.

In terms of "Colour", the formula has Kaleidoscope Pearls which diffuse light and give lots of dimension to the lips.  I tried a bunch of them on the back of my hand last week and was impressed with the pigmentation, how light it felt and with the finish of it.  You'll see in the photos below what I mean.

I got two to play with and they're two colours I'd naturally gravitate towards which was a bonus.  Look at them... Things of beauty....

Shade 305 Brick is a gorgeous coral shade that has my name all over it.  If my name was Giorgio Armani.  And shade 100 Androgino is a soft nude shade that would work beautifully with a smokey eye.  Both feel so light on my lips, almost like I'm not wearing anything on them, so is perfect for everyday wear.  In terms of texture, they're not dry and they're not really slippy.  So kind of a Goldilocks level of dryness.

They've joined the ever increasing number of lipsticks in my handbag and come on, tell me you wouldn't be filled with joy taking this little red number out of your bag and applying it?

The Rouge Ecstasy collection will be available exclusively at Brown Thomas Dublin and Cork from the end of September and will be €28.  Is it wrong I want to pick up some more?  No, didn't think so.


  1. These look lovely. Would like to see a pink tone in this one!

    1. They've 36 shades so no doubt you'll find a shade you love!

  2. Brick is absolutely lovely! <3 The casing looks really pretty too :)

    1. The packaging gets full marks doesn't it? Brick is my favourite for sure!

  3. They are stunning, really liking Brick

  4. ooh theyre fabulous. I've never actually bought a lipstick from Armani. Shocking I know, but anytime I see one I like, just as I'm about to whip out my debit card I realise the reason I love it so is that it's very similar to a colour I already own & wear to death. Wilm definitely have a mooch around these next time I'm in Cork though. That red case is gorgeous.

  5. Not entirely my kind of colours but I bet the lipsticks feel great on your lips. Colour pay off looks good

  6. Fab blog post, I love the Armani Rouge Ecstasy lipsticks! I've just done a review on my blog, you can read it here.

    Monica x

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