Thursday, September 5, 2013

Lanolips Lip Ointment with colour review!

How come I'm only trying Lanolips now people?  I, a lunatic who is making it her mission to try every lip balm and lip treatment, has never slapped this on her lips?!

Well, I was sent these recently and am shaking my fist at myself for not trying them sooner.

The main ingredient in Lanolips is lanolin, which isn't the most pleasant thing I've ever heard of in that it's a greasy substance extracted from sheep's wool after they've been shorn.  They're going around baldy, but we have moisturised lips.  I'm ok with that.  Fear not, they don't squeeze the grease from the sheep and plonk it in a tube.  It's purified before going in to lots of cosmetics, so if you think you'd never put sheep juice on yourself, then you probably already have.  What makes lanolin so good?  Well, it can hold 200% it's weight in moisture, so is amazing at keeping you moisturised.  It feels like a thick balm once you squeeze it out of the tube, but as you start to apply it to your lips, it melts a bit.

Lanolips also has SPF15, which I'm a big fan of and can find it hard to source lip products that have an SPF in them.  You can get the original Lanolips which has no colour, or these guys, which give a sheer wash of colour on the lips.  The shades above are Rose on the left and Rhubarb on the right.  There are three more shades in the range, in case those don't tickle your pickle.

They're pretty much everything I'm looking for in a lip treatment.   Colour, moisture, glossy finish and SPF.  And they are amazing.  I suffer with really dry lips and Lanolips sorts them out in no time.  They couldn't have been sent at a better time because I need all the help I can get when the days get colder and lips get drier!

I can't recommend these enough and will definitely be purchasing them myself in the future.  They're €11.49 in Boots and if you suffer with dry lips and feel like you're going through endless lip balms to no effect, you need to try these.  The End.


  1. The thought of the sheep squeezing makes me a bit wobbly but then again I have tried (and loved) snail BB cream so yeah... I've never tried these either! Sounds great for the winter.

  2. I only tried these recently as well, they're fab aren't they!!

  3. LOVE Lanolips! I have the lemonaid one and it's fantastic.. Stays on really well and they last FOREVER. Excited to try the tinted ones :)

    Sara at Belfast Beauty Love


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