Sunday, September 8, 2013

Pit and peak of the week - week 34!

Ah hello sweet September.  The weather has gotten a bit chilly over the past few days and I'm ok with that.  We'd a grand summer and I'm now ready to get back into my scarves and heavier makeup!

The pit of my week.  One of the girls was on annual leave again last week and I'd to cover for her which means doing her stuff and my stuff too.  Any time one of the girls is off, it's always a blur of a week and this week was no different.  I was exhausted at the end of each day and in the evenings, I was zonked.  When I'm covering for her, I'm not online much during the day because it's so busy and so I was a bit absent from Twitter and the online world, but she's back and all will go back to normal until the other girl goes on holidays in a few weeks!  But until then, I'll enjoy being back doing my own thing, but yeah, it was a busy, exhausting week.

The peak of my week.  There are two really.  The first one involved having lunch with a chum on Monday and after bargaining with my boss to let me skedaddle for the hour, off I went.  I wish there were cameras in the restaurant because chum and I looked like we came straight off the set of a Benny Hill episode.  All we were missing was the theme tune.  We were in everyone's way trying to figure out what to order at the counter with many "Excuse me", "Oh sorry" and other such apologies while we were essentially oafs in the restaurant.  At one point she peered through the glass for a closer look at the salads before clonking her glasses off the glass, I thought it was her teeth, but all in all, many laughs and chats were had and it was the perfect way to start the busy week!

The second peak of my week was work related.  I've my own office that I can hide in and do my work but when I'm covering for one of the girls, I'm on reception and get to see all of the patients, crazy and normal ones alike.  I've known one of the patients for years now and when I was making an appointment for her, she asked me if I did YouTube videos, at which point, I went purple and said "Yeah".  Morto wasn't the word.  Actually, it was!  She said her daughter watches our videos so if you're reading this Linda Conyard, hi!!

So that was my blur of a week.  I'm looking forward to things returning to normal and although I'll probably spend a couple of days catching up on my own stuff, it'll be good to have a functioning brain again!

How was your week?

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