Monday, September 9, 2013

Plum polishes for all budgets - YSL, Sally Hansen, MUA

There's a chill in the air over the past couple of days and the return of Strictly Come Dancing and X Factor to our screens means that autumn has well and truly arrived!  I've now packed away my bright polishes and have brought out the darker, vampy shades and didn't realised I missed them so much!

I love purple and plum polishes in all their tones and hues, but nothing gets me more excited for autumn than a deep shade that to the discerning person, looks black, but once the light hits off it, you can see the true colour of the polish.  There are some plummy beauts on the market at the moment and I've got three to show you, depending on your budget.

Seriously.  Having them all lined up like that just makes me happy and I want to wear them all.  All I tell you!  We've got a Payday Treat polish, an Everyday Purchase polish, and a Oh God It's The Week Before Payday And I'm Broke polish.

First up is one of the polishes from YSL's Electric Chic collection for autumn 2013.  Sepia 7e Art (€24.00), described by YSL's Creative Make-Up Director Lloyd Simmonds as a "tribute to ultra-urban, ultra-cool New Yorkers" is a deep, vampy shade that really does make me imagine walking down 5th Avenue in stilettos.  I don't know how the women there do it, but I've seen them striding down the street, block after block, in 5 inch heels and not a bother on them!  In my mind, when I wear this shade, I'm striding along with them, not a wobble to be seen and I'm fierce and fabulous!  The wide brush on this polish means that one stroke covers the nail and two coats will give you a wonderfully dark, glossy, plummy manicure.

Next up is Plum Luck (€8.95) from Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure collection.  This is a repromote from their current collection and is one Joanne and I both reach for throughout the colder months.  I've never met a Sally Hansen polish I didn't love and this one is a must have for this time of year.  It's slightly lighter and creamier in colour than the YSL polish but once on the nails, gives a perfectly glossy finish.

Finally is one of MUA Cosmetics' polishes in the shade Deepest Purple (€1.35).  This is really close to Sally Hansen's polish in terms of colour and like the other two shades, gives a sophisticated, dark manicure with a really glossy finish.  The main thing that makes it so different from Plum Luck is the brush.  It's not great at all and is small, thin and takes longer to apply the coat of polish, but if you're ok with that, then you can't say no to a polish for that little money.  Once you get used to it though, you'll be flying and I'm delighted I've finally started playing with the MUA polishes!

So yeah, plum polishes all the way here at Lovely Girlie Bits!  So you needn't fear missing out on a trend as there's one for everyone's budgetary constraints these days!

Are you a fan of the plum polish trend?  What's your favourite one?


  1. My favourite is the YSL polish but since it's not in my price range I'll try the Sally Hansen polish instead! Really liked this post.

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  2. Gorgeous colours, love a good plum me.

    That YSL is a beaut, honestly though? All three are fabooluss.

    Love your pics!

  3. I've always loved plum! My fave color last winter was a deep red with lots of plum in it from Essie but this year I want to get a real nice one and YSL will likely be it! Love the gellish look it seems to have.

    1. I'm a big fan of dark red shades too, so many nice ones out there at the mo!

  4. The Sally Hansen one looks lovely! Must invest in a plum polish x

  5. My fave plum nail polish definitely has to be Nails Inc Savile Row :D

    1. I must investigate Nails Inc, haven't tried anything from them yet x

  6. Omg I love all three! But especially the YSL one, that's a beaut for sure :)) I can hear my student loan crying already ;)


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