Monday, September 23, 2013

Sleek Vintage Romance palette review, photos, swatches

I haven't been too pushed with the last few palette releases from Sleek and considering I've collected a good few over the past couple of years, I wondered if one would come along and wow me again.  Well, wow.  Wow wow wow.  The Vintage Romance palette captured my little heart purely from the official photos.  I didn't even need to swatch it before knowing I was going to need it in my life and on my eyes. And when Cloud10Beauty sent it to me, my weekend was made!

Inside Vintage Romance we have a mix of bronze, purples and berry shades, accompanied by a matte brown shade and a wonderful black shade that's packed full of glitter.

As autumn is here, I've been so excited about using darker, richer shadows on my eyes and just take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the berry shades below.

The matte shade on the top right corner reminds me of Saddle by Mac and is perfect for blending in the crease when doing a smokey eye.

You want swatches though right?  As always, Sleek's eyeshadows are creamy, buttery and easily blendable.  There can be fall out with soft shadows though, so take a bit of care with applying and pat the shadows on first.  From the top row, the only shade that disappointed me was the purple shade, second from the right.  I wanted it to be amazing, but just wasn't as pigmented as the rest of them, but I bet it'll fare better over a black base.  For me, the top row is perfect for day time wear and makes for a great neutral eye.

The bottom row of shadows just blew me away, but again, with the exception of the purple shade.  The rest of them are absolutely beautiful and I needed no effort whatsoever to get swatches like these.  The shades make me want to get dressed up, do a wonderful berry smokey eye and have a nice glass of Malbec.  Any excuse eh?

The Vintage Romance palette is available on Cloud10Beauty now and at €9.99, you'd be mad not to get one, mad!  Stay tuned for posts (or maybe a video) with this stunner (the palette, not moi) in action.

Do we like or is that a silly question?


  1. The colours are all so lovely, and have a very vintage romantic feel. :D

  2. Beautiful ! I like that bottom row, it looks so smooth like velvet ! Too bad I don't wear berry shades well... Is it me or it really looks like a MUA palette ? With the exception that the matte shades seem better pigmented than MUA's ;) They should unite their forces and make one absolutely FAB palette that would cost almost nothing ! (a girl can dream huh?)

  3. Really love the colours in this pallet, so beautiful and perfect for Autumn!! Will definitely be ordering this one from Sleek :)

  4. Tis gorgeous, Karen! I often have issues with purple eyeshadows from budget brands, I wonder why that would be?? xo

  5. Cannot wait to get my hands on this, the blush in the range is gorgeous too!

  6. This looks so gorgeous and perfect for fall. I'll definitely be picking this up! xx

  7. These colors are amazing! And I can't believe the price!! :)

  8. I created a moody evening look with this palette over the weekend. I really love the plum/purple colours.

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