Friday, September 20, 2013

Snuggly snoods we love

Seriously, the word snood is mad.  It looks weird written down and as I've spent the last while searching for ones I want to put on my neck, the word has lost all meaning.  Snood.  See, doesn't it look weird now?

As you well know by now, Joanne and I are borderline obsessive when it comes to scarves and snoods.  Actually, let's take the word borderline out of of the equation.  We are mentalists when it comes to keeping our necks warm and yes, we may have worn a scarf or two over the summer months, but you can bet we're going to be wearing one every day between now and May next year.  So over the coming months, we'll be showing you our favourite ones.  The ones that we're coveting, and will make being colder a bit more bearable!

Snoods are great for lots of reasons and the more reasons you can come up with, the easier the justification for having more that one.

1.  It is a scarf and will keep your neck warm.
2.  It is a hood and will protect your hair in the case of wind and/or rain.
3.  It makes for a mighty fine mobile phone holder if you tuck it into the snood and put your phone on speaker.

Snuggly snoods

Top row L-R: Topshop €21, Dorothy Perkins €13, Dunnes €12, Asos €31.23, Penneys €9
Middle row L-R: Fatface £25 GBP, Accessorize €18.90
Bottom row L-R: River Island €21, Accessorize €26.50, H! by Henry Holland Debenhams £28, Asos €6.32, River Island €21

See anything you fancy?


  1. hi,
    scraft nice and very warm;)
    I would like to have one of the scraft
    i love middle row one

  2. I am a huge snood fan, I will definitely be investing in a few for the months ahead! I have tagged you in my Autumn Tag Post today, xxx

  3. Snoods are AMAZING. You can also shove your arms into it and walk around like Peig Sayers when you get cold and you have no gloves. Also, for new mammies - perfect for breastfeeding, because it can act like a little sling for the baby without drawing attention to yourself. LOVE THEM.

  4. Would you believe I don't own a single snood Karen?!? You need to give me a stern talking to xo

  5. I love snoods, great for keeping warm at home and at work too. My mum knitted me one (it's actually a mobius strip snood) which I wear a lot!


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