Thursday, October 17, 2013

Giorgio Armani Nail Lacquers are here and they're beautiful!

Ok, so you know I'm a nail polish fiend right?  And when it comes to polishes, I do tend to keep my spending on the lower end of the budgetary scale.  Which is probably why I have so many now that I think of it.  But sometimes, just sometimes, a special polish will come along and make me want to shell out the big bucks.

It has to be something special if I'm to recommend it to you and folks, the new Nail Lacquers from Giorgio Armani are exactly that.

18 new shades launched on counters this week with six shades in each of the three colour trends, acqua, reds and beiges.  I got two to play with, shade 503, a beaut of a deep red and 100, the nudiest of all the nudes and would make a gorgeous bridal manicure, so Joanne, this one is yours!

The brush is very important to me when it comes to application because more often than not, I'm applying polish whilst curled up on the couch watching tv.  The brush on the nail lacquers are long and wide meaning application is a cinch, even if you're distracted by all of the baking that's going on on the Great Irish Bake Off #teamwill!  The formula is thin yet pigmented and to be honest, I could totally get away with one coat of shade 503 Eccentrico, but for the purpose of photos, I'm showing you two.

The glossy finish on 503 Eccentrico makes my heart sing and I already know I'll be wearing this lots over the coming months.  €24 is the damage and honestly, if I'd to choose between this and a Chanel polish, Giorgio Armani would win hands down.  I've worn 503 lots since getting it to play with and it lasts for days at a time which is unheard of as I'm very hard on my hands and nails at work.

Go visit them now on counters and tell them I said hi and that I'll see them soon!


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