Friday, October 11, 2013

Hats that would fit our head this winter!

If you've seen photos of me and Joanne or watched some of our YouTube videos, you'd notice pretty quickly that we have massive noggins.  We don't have foreheads, we have fiveheads and because of that affliction, we tend not to wear hats a lot.

About ten years ago, before I truly realised the size of my head, I bought a gorgeous wide brimmed straw hat for my holidays in Spain, thinking it would make me look like J Lo back in the day.  In my mind I'd be swanning around the pool, keeping my face in the shade and looking fabulous.  In reality, I nearly pulled a muscle trying to get the thing on my head (obviously my brain had swelled in the heat or something because it wasn't like that when I tried it on in the shop), and after forcing myself to wear it for an hour and become J Lo whether I liked it or not, gave myself a massive headache and a big red dent across my forehead that lasted for hours.

So the trauma of that lives on obviously and I don't wear any hats at all in the summer.  In the winter though, that's a different thing.  I refuse to get a cold and so at this time of the year, the search for hats that will fit my head begins.  Stretchy wooly ones are the business and I've picked 10 little beauts that will keep me warm, not look ridiculous on and won't break the bank!

Hats that fit our head

Top row L-R: Asos €15, Warehouse €19, Dunnes €6, Oasis €17
Middle row L-R: AWear €15, New Look €9.44
Bottom row L-R: Accessorize £10 (No € price available), New Look €11.99, Penneys €6.99, New Look €9.99

So tell me, do you suffer with ginormous head syndrome and wish they'd plus sized hats for your big old conk?  Do any of these float your boat?


  1. I also have a fivehead, which I used to be real self conscious about and hide under an emo fringe. Hats look stupid on me. Lately though I've been wearing them like I just don't care coz, well I don't! Warm head/no squinty eyes in the sun = win! That lil pumpkin hat is totes adorbs. Shame I'd actually resemble a pumpkin if I wore it :P

    Dolly Rouge

  2. Great blog! I will definitely visit it again!

  3. I don't think hats really suit me but I refuse to go without one in Winter, just picked up a nice burgundy one with a big bobble on it in m & s, it's cute and on trend but the best thing is that it's lined with fleece! Hurrah!

  4. I love chunks woolly hats, it's the only reason I put up with this horrible weather :) I have the opposite problem though, I have a minute baby sized head and can actually share hats with my 2 year old, how embarrassing is that? So I tend to perch hats on the top of my head or risk drowning in them.

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  5. Another five head-er here! Even with stretchy woolly hats I still get the knit lines across my forehead - very embarrassing!

  6. wow they so so lovely! thanks for sharing! ^^

  7. I feel your pain. I also have a huge head and can't fit into a lot of hats. Loosely knitted ones are definitely best for me too as they have lots of stretch. Oh well, clearly bigger heads due to all the brainpower we have, lol.


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