Monday, October 14, 2013

My Zara Home haul!

Would anybody like to tell me why I've never been in to a Zara Home shop before my holiday?  I mean, we've been going to Alicante for the last 10 years or so and never thought to have a look inside?!  In saying that, I'd probably be significantly more broke than I am now if I'd discovered it before, but lads, it had exactly what I was looking for.  I think if there was one here, I'd have my whole place kitted out with everything.  I was like a kid at Christmas, standing in the middle of the shop, wide eyed with all of the beautiful things!

But I tried to be restrained and picked up a few key bits that I'll be showing you below as they were, on location in Spain and very soon I'll be showing you what they look like here at home!

Ok, first up was this beautiful white wooden tray with detailing around all the sides.

I'd been looking for something exactly like this for months now to sit on top of my makeup storage units.  I have my perfumes hidden away in horrible plastic drawer units but wanted my pretty ones to be on display and this was it.  It was love at first sight and at €30, it didn't break the bank.  Despite looking chunky, the tray itself is lightweight and perfect for the space here.  I can't wait to show you what it looks like with everything in place!

Next up are these two silver placemats which were €9.99 for the set.  I've already got one sitting on my hall table and I'm not sure where I'm going to put the second one, but I wanted a bit of sparkle and these were perfect for that!

I'm obsessed with photo frames and am currently searching for pretty, interesting ones and my plan is to have differently shaped ones but in the same colour in my rooms.  So when I saw this white one with gold detailing, I had to have it.  It's either going to go in the beauty room or the spare bedroom, I haven't decided yet.

It has a little stand at the back if I want to sit it out on display, or I'll be able to hang it up on the wall.  Either way, the hardest part will be picking photos to go into it!  This was €19.99 and is a real statement frame.

Now, I know I'm demented having picked up 12 coasters, but a) they were so pretty, b) I've a lot of candles around the house and don't want to scorch the surfaces they're on and c) did I mention they were so pretty??!  I love the white wooden coasters that kind of match the tray above and at €9.99, they were a steal.  Then I saw the silver glittery coasters and knew I had to have them.  They were €12.99 and I think they'll make cute trays for little candles or make good coasters as that's what they were put on this earth to be!  I love them all and will have many a hot drink over the winter months to make good use out of them.

I got a new hall table during the summer and a matching mirror that sits on top of it and have been searching for something pretty to sit my keys on.  I knew I wanted it to be white and pretty, so when I saw this little guy, I knew he was it.  He was €5.99 and is a soap dish, but I love him and my keys now sit proudly on my hall table, nestled in the dish!

Now, when I was in Spain, I tweeted a photo of the bits I bought and a few people said that there was a Zara Home website..... Yes, it's true... Shipping is €14.95 for purchases under €200, but is free over €200.  I could easily spend €200 in there which makes me nervous....

It's all so pretty!  Damn it.  I just went to the website to get the link for the post and got sucked in again... I want it all and am wondering how I'm going to keep my next shopping spree limited to €200...

Have you been in a Zara Home?  And if so, how is it possible to come out empty handed?!


  1. Love zara home too! Have only shopped there once on a trip to spain last year,what an amazing shop! Bought a beautiful cream throw for the sofa & a white comforter blanket for my bed- just wish there was more room in the suitcase for more! Such a pity there's no irish store:(

  2. I didn't even know there was Zara home, are they over here? Love everything you got we only moved in to a little house a couple of months back so I'm obsessed with buying stuff for it!

  3. I did not know this existed!!! I'm kinda sad and relived its not here all in one go, cause I know I would just buy all of the things!! The bits you got are so pretty!

  4. I had seen Zara Home in other countries but never here, so I was able to resist. Now I know you can order online though, I think I'm doomed! Off to spend a few hours on their site now :D Thanks for the tip!

  5. I didn't know Zara did homeware! Well I'm off to see now, and probably empty my bank account in the process lol :)

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  6. Oh those are so pretty! I'd spend far too much money honestly, those homewares shops are like catnip to me!


    Inanity and the Girl

  7. It's such a shame we don't have Zara home here!!! I hope they open a store in Ireland soon!!

  8. Oh very nice, I always love picking up random bits for your house on hols! God the sun really makes everything look better too doesn't it?!

  9. I never knew Zara had a home section!!! OMG! Lovely pics! So very modern Spanish :)

  10. Love the dish for your keys and the perfume tray, great picks!

  11. Wow your post is awesome. Thank you so much for this superb share!
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  12. Yep, they do nice things at Zara Home! I got a skull glass and a butterfly plate for a gift. I might order now that they have a canadian online store!

  13. A warning - I love the things that Zara Home has too, and I've been trying desperately for more than a month, via the US website, to purchase some dinnerware I saw on a trip to Spain. After many, many communications, I have found that their Customer Service in the US is truly horrible. Imagine, they told me that they would be restocking some dinner plates I wanted, so I bought the dessert plates and bowls to go with them, as those seemed to be selling quickly. Now, after much back and forth, they are telling me that the dinner plates will not, in fact, be restocked. So I'm stuck with a bunch of items that don't have dinner plates to match. Unbelievable. As much as love their stuff, for this reason, I would never purchase anything from them again.


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