Thursday, October 10, 2013

Narciso Rodriguez For Her EDT review

Way back in March, I first laid schnoz on Narciso Rodriguez's For Her scent in the airport on the way to Spain.  It was love at first whiff but I was trying to be practical and knowing we were coming into summer, I bought myself a replacement Essence Eau De Musc instead, also by Narciso Rodriguez.  That's my all time favourite summer perfume to help feel fresh during the summer months, but I still knew in my heart that I'd be buying For Her at some point.

So when given a voucher for, I had to pick a lovely bottle of For Her up.  Sure I'm a Her, so it should really be called For Karen.

Housed in a sleek black glass bottle, this is an autumn winter scent at it's finest.  With a blend of floral, amber and woody notes, this musky fragrance is what I like to call one of my sophisticated perfumes.  It's feminine, but is subtly sexy and has a warmth that makes you want to snuggle up with someone.  I do apologise for anyone I work with as I'll be wearing this a lot over the next few months, so if we end up snuggling on the couch in the staff room, it's not my fault.  Blame Narciso.

Now, before you think you're going to be humping everything that walks by, the subtle sweet floral notes stop it just short of being a full blown aphrodiziac and makes it day time friendly, not just an evening scent.  We're talking delicately musky if that makes sense and as the hours pass, you'll still be able to smell it on you.

So I think Narciso needs to bring out a spring perfume for me because with For Her, I've autumn and winter covered and my summer is sorted with Essence Eau De Musc!  Prices start at €68/50mls for the EDT

Have you tried For Her yet?  Is it For You?


  1. This was love at first whiff for me too! I finally caved in and bought a bottle after contemplating for a whole year, LOL

  2. Dying to get a schniff of this beauty! Loved the Eau De Musc but need* something more Winter suitable. (*Don't need AT ALL - have approx. 9 bottles of perfume unopened still in boxes & plastic in the bottom drawer in my bedroom - but it is my birthday soon....)

  3. Maybe 2 bottles...For Karen, and For Kathleen?!

  4. Ooooh I love this fragrance and for the life of me I have no idea why I haven't written a review yet. I agree, a lighter version would be lovely! :)


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