Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pit and peak of the week - week 39!

There was a little break in the pit and peak series last week as I spent most of Sunday like a zombie after returning from our holiday in Spain!

I've no pit of the week this week to be honest, other than being really busy at work as one of the girls was away so I'd to cover for her.  This week we're all back together but the following week, the other girl is off, so it'll be another busy one, doh!  Anyway, as I've no pit this week, I'll swiftly mention a pit from last weekend.  I'm not going to go into it in much detail or I'll be in bad form again, but my God, Alicante airport is so badly organised.  Despite having checked in the night before, it still took aaaaaages for the guy to do the bag and drop thing, I'm talking about us standing with him at the counter for a good 10 minutes....  Then despite being an Aer Lingus flight, they didn't board us in much order, so it was pandemonium. You know the way here in Dublin, when it's time to board, they do a few seat rows at a time, starting from the back and it means a much smoother and quicker experience.  Alicante airport, please take note of this...

My peak of the week is more of a general one rather than something specific.  A realisation if you will.  Having the week's break from the blog was exactly what I needed to start thinking of new things to do on it.  I've spent the last couple of weeks thinking about 2014 and what I want to do with the blog and the YouTube channel.  Those who blog regularly will know how much time and effort goes into posts and videos and I love doing it so much, but posting twice a day along with doing videos takes up a lot of time, especially when I'm working full time and beginning to help Joanne plan her wedding!  I've also been focussing on something outside of blogging for the past six weeks or so that has become increasingly important and I might write about it in the future, but for now and maybe until the end of the year, I'll definitely be posting once a day here on the blog.  Depending on how busy I am during the week, I might blog other posts on top of the five, and chances are I will because I'm always dying to tell you about the next new thing and I can't help blogging it allllllll!

But my little realisation was that it's ok.  It's ok for me to cut down on the blogging and slightly shift my focus and soon you'll hopefully see why I'm doing what I'm doing.  It's a long term plan that I'm really excited about, but yes, there'll probably be slightly less than the 10-12 posts a week for a while!  Wait and see, after all this waffle I bet things will stay the same on here!  Now, it's time for me to whittle down the 24 post ideas I've just made and pick the best ones to tell you about first!

How was your week?


  1. I hear you on Alicante Airport: was there a couple of weeks ago and the queue for bag-drop was the same one for check-in, which defeats the purpose of checkin in beforehand. Also, the flight was delayed by 4 hours and some ppl got vouchers, some didnt, then Aer Lingus gave everyone free coffee/tea during the flight "til stock ended" (lasted about 3 minutes). Just awful!
    Dont worry about slowing down on the posts, we enjoy them regardless!! Take it easy and take good care of yourself!! xx

  2. Ah lady I don't know how you post once a day so little time. You need a rest


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