Friday, November 8, 2013

After the Great Irish Bake Off - meet Will tomorrow in Arnotts! (We'll be there as groupies)

So the journey has ended for Will on the Great Irish Bake Off and for those of you who follow me and Joanne on Twitter, normal services will resume on our feeds on Thursday evenings!  We're so proud of Will Of The Yum Yums and loved watching his confidence grow each week on the show.  We got to see him behind the scenes each week when filming was happening and saw how stressful it was preparing recipes and practicing for two shows at a time.  They filmed two episodes back to back over the space of 3-4 days each time, so we don't know how he and the rest of the gang kept up with it all.

We had a little viewing party last night and the nerves were still in bits watching the episode even though we knew the outcome! Watching Will deflate that balloon was so nervewracking but I totally want to have a go at that myself!  He hadn't told us about his sound effects that went with his amazing lighthouse cake and when we watched it last night, we were in the knots of laughter and I need to go back and watch it again tonight because it was too funny!  And don't even get me on the quote of the night which had poor Will cringing "Hook lighthouse is my favourite lighthouse".  Too funny! 

And didn't Joanne look fabulous on the telly?  She's an example as to why you should always listen to your girlfriend - now fiancee.  And lads.... The best moment of the night has to go to the cringiest snog ever which had the two of them screaming "Nooooooooooooo" at the telly last night!  They filmed that for the craic, not thinking it'd ever be used, but I for one, am delighted they did for my enjoyment!  TV gold!

So what happens next?  Who knows!  The world is Will's macaron and I'm sure he has lots of plans up his sleeve!  Now, the other reason for this post is to tell you that Will and Steven, winner of the Bake Off, will be in Arnotts tomorrow from 12-5 doing a baking demonstration, so make sure to come along and say hi if you're in town!  Joanne and I will be there in an official capacity (not really, Joanne will be watching and I'll be taking photos for Will) and we'd love to meet you guys, so come in and learn how to bake stuff!



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