Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bourjois Twist up the volume mascara review - before & after photos

A new mascara from Bourjois will always make me sit up and take notice.  And I love mascaras that have a gimmick, that's the makeup junkie in me.  I fell in love with the Volume Fast & Perfect mascara from Bourjois a couple of years ago and then there was the Volumiser mascara that added drama to lashes depending on which way you used it.

Their Twist Up The Volume mascara is one of those gadgety ones, coming complete with a twisty mechanism to change the size and shape of the wand.  Now, be aware, this post will contain rudeness.  This is me.  I'm always bold when it comes to mascara wands but when you factor in a wand that becomes long and short, thick and thin, you would judge me if I didn't make rude jokes.

Packaging wise, it's black and sleek, with a little white cap at the top and that's where the magic happens.  A twist of that white cap takes the wand from long and thin to short and stubby.  I know.  Rude.

When the wand is set to position 1, long and thin, it separates and lengthens the lashes, giving wispy, fluttery lashes.  I've been using the mascara this way mostly, as it gives me nice long lashes effortlessly.  The plastic bristles comb through each lash, and there's not a clump to be seen.

Position 1 (left), bare lashes (right)
Position 1 on both eyes.
When you twist the knob (sorry) at the top to turn it to Position 2, it makes the wand shorter and thicker and allows it to pick up more product from the tube.  This is where the volume happens and it thickens up the lashes nicely.  But I want more.  There's not a huge difference between the lengthening part and the volumising part of the mascara and I want it all.  Take a look at the photo above compared to the one below and there's not much difference at all at all.  You know me and mascaras, I don't do things by halves and I'm not afraid to go to work with big huge lashes.  The bigger the better (that's what she said).

Position 1, layered with position 2 on top on both eyes
For the first couple of weeks using Twist Up The volume, I thought the formula was too wet for me and I struggled not to end up with four huge lashes stuck together, but the more I've used it, the easier it's been to manage.  And that's what happens with some mascaras in that they just need to dry out a little bit and you're good to go.

Twist Up The Volume is on counters now and is €13.99.  Despite falling just short of being a great volumising mascara, it makes a great lengthening mascara and I'll continue to use this happily and enjoy my long wispy lashes.


  1. This looks great. I'm a big fan of Bourjois, and think they're volume clubbing mascara is amazing for super dramatic (evening) lashes. Impressed with this, will give it a whirl xxx

    Vanessa The Other VW

  2. Just like to say - Love your blog!!! The videos too are brilliant, I have changed most of my skincare/makeup routine because of you! It's funny and keeps me up to date on all that on the market - I look forward to your email everyday. Many thanks and keep it up!!! xxx

  3. That looks gorgeous!! This mascara is next on the list to try! ;)

  4. Yep, too wet for my liking too, I need to dry it out a bit before trying again.

  5. I found the exact same thing with this mascara, great for lengthening but pretty rubbish for volume. I'll use it for daytime but definitely need something with more drama for a night out!


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