Friday, November 8, 2013

Kerastase Nutritive Irisome range is here to help dry hair!

Ok, it's officially autumn for me because the heat is permanently on in work and that means one thing.  Hair so frizzy that I look like a jinny joe.  I have oily roots and dry, damaged ends due to not having it chopped in ages and I won't be having anything major done to it any time soon as The Official Hairdresser to Lovely Girlie Bits Even Though He Doesn't Know It, Christian Shannon from Brown Sugar Dublin, has fractured his wrist and is out of commission for a few weeks.

So to help tide me over until then, I'm commencing Operation Sweet Jesus I Need To Do Something To My Hair So I Don't Look Like Mad Mary.  Enter Kerastase's Nutritive Irisome range.

Ah Kerastase and your gorgeous smelling products.... The Bain Satin shampoo & Lait Vital conditioner reminds me of a hair conditioner my mam used to have back in the day and had hidden in a press.  A press I had full knowledge of in my early teenage years and used to sneakily use bits from them.  Shhh don't say anything to her.

The Nutritive Irisome range works on repairing and nourishing the hair, focusing on dry areas and replenishing those areas to give you healthier hair.   It also helps strengthen the hair and helps fight dryness.  I want strong, not dry hair thanks very much.  These products arrived recently and I've been trying them out, much to the delight of my locks.

There are two versions of the Bain Satin (€18.90) shampoo, each working on normal to slightly dry hair, and dry sensitised hair.  Like any Kerastase shampoo I've tried, this builds a luxurious, beautiful smelling lather that has nutritional benefits for the delicate bits of your hair.

The Lait Vital (€22.30) is a lightweight conditioner that nourishes and softens the hair without weighing it town.  Again, this smells delicious and works wonders on my poofy hair, leaving it soft, manageable and feeling healthy and strong.

The Touche Perfection (€40) is a replenishing balm and oh this is a beaut of a product folks.  I'm all about leave in conditioners and treatments but hate when they feel thick and heavy on my hair.  This lightweight balm works on controlling unruly hair by smoothing the ends, giving my much needed dry bits an extra something' something'.  Totally loving this lads.

So yes, when I use these products and dry my hair properly, it's a good day.  My hair looks and feels normal.  It doesn't look like I haven't cut it in months and I no longer resemble someone who has heel electrocuted.  You know in America's Next Top Model when Tyra goes on about having wind in the hair when the models strut down the catwalk?  It's more like I'm hoofing it down the street as I walk, but I gots wind in mah hurr people.

The Nutritive Irisome range is in Kerastase salons nationwide and if you are not favouring the jinny joe look this season, definitely give it a shot and treat your hair a little bit.


  1. Oh gosh these sound good with winter just around the corner! I love the idea of the Touche Perfection, wonder how much more expensive it'll be here. Quite a splurge but I may take the plunge this year. :)

  2. Love this range and would highly recommend adding Kérastase Nutritive Aqua-Oleum Nourishing Treatment from this range too it's an AMAZING treatment, makes hair feel like silk, one treatment lasts 4ish weeks. You can get it done in salon (expensive) or buy and do at home (which I do).


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