Thursday, November 14, 2013

Shiseido Luminising Satin Eye Color Trio BR214 Into The Woods photos, review

If autumn was an eyeshadow trio, it would be this beaut from Shiseido.  Into The Woods makes me think of exactly that - walking in the park as the leaves change colour and so makes the perfect seasonal eyeshadow palette if you love all things autumnal.

The palette contains a warm shimmery brown, a shimmery gold and to add a bit of interest, a cool toned lilac shade that makes a great inner corner highlight or if you're very light handed, a brow bone highlight.  This is the first Shiseido palette I've tried and folks, I want to try more now.  Each of the shadows are buttery soft but with minimal fall out.  They're smooth, pigmented, blendable and are suuuupah easy to work with.

I've been using Into The Woods a lot over the past few weeks as one of my hobbies is to stare out the window at work at the trees (don't tell my boss).  The leaves are a mix of orange and yellow and so I pretend that I am at one with nature if my eyelids are the same colours as the leaves.  Call me Mother Nature why don't you.  I was given this but if I was trying to justify a purchase like this, I'd tell myself this: "Karen, it's perfect for autumn isn't it and all you need to do is lash it on and go frolic in the leaves in St Anne's Park, sure don't you live right beside it in all an' anyways.  And now that we're talking about it, it'd be only mighty to have a palette with these shades in the summer to offset the tan you'll inevitably have, fake of course, ain't nobody got time for sunbathing.  So something that you'd get at least 6 months wear out of is absolutely worth it so go on and get it".

The shades make my eyes look really green and clear and so until the trees are bare, I'll have matchy matchy leave coloured eyelids.  €41 is the damage and there are two other palettes in the autumn collection, but this is my favourite.

What do you think?  Are you ready to go Into The Woods with Shiseido?


  1. Oh wow I didn't expect the colours to be so pigmented and bright, gorgeous!

  2. Gorgeous colours! I have green eyes too so I would go for this one too! They really do make your eyes look very green :)

  3. Gorgeous, the colours are faband they really bring out the green in your eyes.


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