Thursday, December 12, 2013

Bargain alert! Ebay brushes - dupes for Sigma?

I blame Fee from Makeup Savvy for making me buy this set of brushes from Ebay after reading this post!  After reading the post and seeing the prices, I hotfooted it over to the seller on Ebay and had a browse of everything, because they've a lot to go through.  I ended up buying a 10 piece set with face and eye brushes in it as lord knows I need more brushes *ahem*.  So €15.00 each for a set of 10 brushes?  Don't mind if I do.  This is the set I bought and there are a few variations of it if you're a fan of pink handles or gold ferrules.

There are five face brushes in the set, all duo fibre and all differently shaped.  Each one is dense, sturdy and soft at the same time.  They're all made with synthetic hair as are the eye brushes and can be used to apply all the things on your face.  I'm rather happy with using the dome shaped brush to apply my under eye concealer and the angled kabuki has made it's home as my contour brush.

Now when I saw the set on ebay, my first thought was how they looked like Sigma brushes.  Check out the Sigma Kabuki Kit here.  I only have one Sigma brush in my stash, the F80, so I can only compare that one to the corresponding one in the set.  Em, it looks and feels pretty similar to moi!  The F80 has a slightly shorter handle, and the hair isn't as shiny, but using them both gives identical results.  My F80 still has a bit of make up in it, so isn't as fluffy as the new one, but they both work the same way.

I have a weird affinity to duo fibre brushes and so when I saw these eye brushes, all was well in the world again.  And again, check out the Sigmax Precision Kit here to see how similar these guys are!  There are a couple of angled brushes, one flatter and more dense than the other, one flat topped brush and two round topped blending brushes, one more dense than the other.  Each of them pick up shadows beautifully and blend them easily.  I love using the flat topped brush, second from the bottom to press cream products onto my eyelid.

As I mentioned above, I bought my brushes from this seller on Ebay and they've so many different sets on there, so make sure you have a look around and see what else tickles your fancy.  I'm not going to lie, I totally have my eye on this set next, so maybe in the new year I'll treat myself!

Shipping is free but takes up to 20 days, so if you're in no rush but want a set of bargainous brushes, then definitely check them out.


  1. LOVE the look of these!! I really want the Sigma face brush set but it's an awful lot of money, so I might buy these and see if I get on with them before forking out on the expensive ones. Great find, thanks for sharing x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  2. I might have to try these out. Haven't had the money to buy the real ones by sigma, but these look like an amazing alternative!

    Leanne - Makeup Blast - Bloglovin'

    1. Let us know how you get on after washing them, if you can. I'd love to know if they wash well! x

    2. I've washed them a couple of times and they are still in tact I've had a couple of hairs come out but that's expected! I've had one of the handles come off but I just glued it back and it's good as new!
      But there is no exceeding shedding!

  3. These are lovely and right up my budget street! I never get why make up brushes are so expensive so these would suit me perfectly! :) xxx

  4. I got a brush set from eBay this year but honestly I could ask for more, it seems to me that something is lacking in them. I do use them, yes, but only as a temporary measure. I'm glad you found something good, though! I really want to get the Sigma brushes and I'm actually considering getting the ones you linked (because they look so much better than the brushes I've got), but we'll see about that. Maybe I will save up for the originals, that will take me a while for sure, haha.


  5. Going to finish up my review on these brushes soon! ;)

  6. Heyy guys okay I have these brushes and I've had them since July? And I have to say I love these brushes! The face brushes meet my expectations! The detailer brushes are not that detailed! They are way too fluffy for my liking and it's really hard to get the desired precision!
    But there so good for bluffing and blending

    I would recommend these! The price is ridiculously good £5? You cannot go wrong

    Naeema x


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