Monday, December 16, 2013

Maybelline Color Show Brocades collection - sparkley nails for Christmas!

In the beauty world, Christmas = glitter polish.  They go hand in hand like mulled wine and mince pies.   No wait, that sounds horrible.  More like a grand cup of tea with a mince pie.  And custard.  Birds custard.  Right from the carton.

Anyway, I digress, back to the nail polishes.  Maybelline's Color Show range has four new sparkly members, the Brocades, which makes them sound like a girl band, but I tellya, I like what they're singing.  I blogged in great detail about Knitted Gold a few weeks ago after spotting it in Boots, and the rest of the collection arrived on my desk last week to much happiness and joy, which is what Christmas is all about.  And glittery nails.

As mentioned in my previous post, Knitted Gold is a different take on the traditional rose gold polish, mixing fine gold glitter in with larger pink glittery bits to make the blingiest, girliest polish ever to adorn my nails.

Foil Flash is for those of us who want to frost our nails.  The base is full of fine silver shimmer, dotted with larger silver hexagonal glitter bits.  This would make a nice top coat over a pale polish rather than being worn on it's own.

Rosie Rosette is a festive treat for the nails, being a mix of red and gold.  The gold shimmer is very fine and not as obvious as the red, but if the light catches it just right, it adds some pretty sparkle to the red shimmer and larger red glitter bits.

Woven Skyline reminds me of the New York skyline at night.  It's got black shimmer mixed in with silver and gold glitter, making it nice and dark for a glitter, but with enough sparkle to keep it interesting.

Each of the four Brocades can be worn alone if layered, or as a topcoat over a base shade.  They're €5.99, on counters now and you've no excuse!  Go bling out your nails this Christmas!

Which is your favourite shade?


  1. I bought the foil flash, silver one and wore it for my Christmas party Friday night. 2 coats and it was beautiful. But woke up to see big chunks flaked off my nails and within a few seconds I had easily picked off the rest. It just came away with barely any pressure. So pretty but definitely not long lasting!

  2. Look at you and your posh white tree!:) These all look lovely I'm just very lazy at the moment when it comes to taking off glitter nail varnish:)

  3. These are so nice! The gold is deffo my fav! I'm a sucker for gold glitter nails! xx

  4. I love your photos, so pretty against the Christmas tree!!

  5. are these just like glitters then? I saw them in boots and was hesitant to get them as they looked similar to the Barry M Royal Textured Polish Collection, but if they're not textured then i'll definitely want to get my hands on them!


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