Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My makeup collection and storage!

So this video has been a long time coming.  I love watching makeup collection and storage videos and have gotten some great ideas from some fellow makeup obsessives.  When I saw Makeup By Tiffany D's storage video last year, I knew that the Alex on castor units from Ikea would be perfect for me.  So I went out and bought two that I could stack and removed the castors so that they'd not move around in the bedroom.  A word to the wise, bring somebody with you to Ikea as these are bloody heavy, so preferably someone with muscles.  I was sore for days after getting them onto the trolley, then into the car, out of the car and up the stairs.  I had a touch of the vapours after it all but it was totally worth the pain.

Assembly was easy enough and when I stacked them, I found that when I opened the bottom drawer of the top unit, it would cause the top unit to slide slightly, so a little bit of Blue Tac on each corner between the two units to protect the makeup and my tootsies should it fall.

So inside the drawers was my next challenge.  I wanted each one to be organised and when I saw the Linus drawer organisers in Home Store & More, I bought a few of each shape and size.  They're much cheaper in there compared to Howard's Storage World and that's more money you could spend on makeup.  Ahem.

I've done my best to categorise everything and holy moly it took ages, but was so worth it.  I think it's something I'll constantly be rearranging but sure those are the pitfalls of being a makeup junkie.

So if you've a half an hour, have a squizz at my makeup stash and see how I organise it all.  I like to say I'm the Indiana Jones of the makeup world, going around collecting products, except I don't have a hat or a whip.  Ooh I should get a whip....

I know... I have too much stuff... I've more makeup than sense but Carrie Bradshaw said "I like my money where I can see it, hanging in my closet" and that's how I feel about my makeup!  But I feel a purge coming on folks.  I need to clear some stuff out and make space for new products!



  1. A 30 minute long makeup collection video? Be still my heart! *grabs a cup of coffee, pulls up a chair and basks in it all*

  2. Sweet jebus when you opened the lipstick drawer, it blinded me momentarily! What a stash. Respect young lady, respect ;-)

  3. I admire your collection. WOW!! And your ability to open them with a single hand. Salute! :D

  4. Oh sweet jebus you're like my new patron saint!

  5. Oh my god!!! I am soo the way you get excited as you find your own makeup,he,he :)) I now have a full list of things to try, thanks I really loved that .x


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