Nuxe Prodigieux le parfum review

Ok so yes, it’s still January, but I have my summer perfume sorted.  Nuxe have turned the fragrance of their famous Huile Prodigieuse into it’s own perfume and it is perfection.

As a long time fan of the oil – it’s a wonder product for skin, hair and I use it on my cuticles and nails,  I hoped they’d make it into it’s own scent and they obviously heard my pleas and you’re welcome world.  It’s like that Kevin Costner film, if you build it they will come.  Except here it’s if you wish for an oil to be turned into a stand alone scent thanks very much then it will come. Now, the scent is divine.  We’re talking head notes of bergamot, mandarin and orange blossom.  I’m obsessed with orange blossom and bergamot so every time I spray it, my mood is instantly lifted, so needless to say, I’ve been spraying it a lot.  The heart of the scent is made of up florals like roses, gardenias and magnolias which makes it light, more feminine and clean smelling.  Finally, when it dries down, we’re talking coconut milk and vanilla which rounds it out nicely. This smells like holidays to me and since I’m not going anywhere anytime soon, I use my imagination.  Let me paint you a picture.  The orange blossom instantly transports me to sunnier climates where skies are blue and the temperatures are hot.  Except in my imagination, I’m not purple and sweating from the heat.  No, I’m one of those women who look effortlessly lovely and glowy whilst smelling fabulous.  The florals then add a light breeze to my imaginary scenario.  One of those breezes that cools you down but doesn’t have your skirt flying all around the place showing everyone your bum.  And the coconut, well, that just has me on the beach, strolling along, no worry that I’m going to get burnt.

Life smells good when I have this on.  Summer feels closer and even if that long range weather forecast man says summer won’t be as hot as it was last year, I’m ok with that.  Because I have Prodigieux for this year.   It’s light yet warm, feminine yet sexy and I’ll be making my way through it pretty fast I suspect.  It’ll set you back €48.60 and will be available exclusively in Arnotts from February 13th before going nationwide from March 3rd. Do yourself a favour and go smell this when it launches.  Then come back here and tell me if you’re on my imaginary beach with me and if we’re sipping cocktails.


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