Sunday, January 26, 2014

Slimming World Sunday #4 - tips we use

This week was a grand one for us and our Slimming World journey!  Hopefully next week will have us reaching a milestone each and will be the boost to keep us going.  And next Sunday we'll be doing a monthly round up of how we've gotten on since Christmas.  Everyone who has left comments, tweets, sent DMs and emails have all been so supportive and sweet, so thanks a million.  It's made the scary decision to start blogging about it totally worthwhile and it helps us keep on going.

Now, although I've been doing it since September, I'm still learning different things along the way and always have my phone out during meetings to jot recipe ideas, tips and tricks from other members.  So I thought I'd give you some things that have stuck with me and that I use on a weekly basis to give a bit of inspiration, motivation and encouragement!

1. Keep bags of frozen vegetables in the freezer ready for times where you need something quick and easy.  Boil them in water or stock for a few minutes, blitz with hand blender and you've a grand soup!  I hate frozen vegetables on their own but this is a great way to get some SuperFree into you.

2. I can't have crisps or sweets in the house.  If I know they're in the cupboard inside, I'll want to eat them and won't have just one.  It's that kind of lack of self control that got me here in the first place!  So if I want a hit of chocolate with a cuppa tea, I buy the one bar.  By the way, Time Outs are 7.5 syns and wellllllll worth it!

3. I'm going through lemons and limes like there's no tomorrow!  I mainly use lemons to squeeze over my salads at lunch and having never been a big fan of dressings, it's not much of an issue for me.  I love frying chicken pieces in Fry Light and when they're cooked, squeeze the juice of half a lime over it and it goes all caramelized and sticky.  So tasty in salads or with rice and vegetables.  When I'm serving it up, I squeeze the other half of the lime over it and I'm done.

4. Some things I can't substitute.  I mentioned this before in a previous post, but this is a lifestyle change for me and I'll be eating like this forever now.  I love my coffee and although sweeteners are syn free, coffee just doesn't taste the same for me and I'd rather sacrifice a couple of syns every day for my bit of sugar and enjoy every gulp of coffee!

5. I can still have a chinese!  I know, best plan ever eh?!  A chicken chow mein is 7 syns and my local chinese does the most amazing one so we get that once a month as a treat.  But let's say you were heading out for a night of drinky poos or to a party, having a chinese before you head out is good for the soul as you'll feel like you were bold but weren't!  There are lots of syn friendly treats you can partake in from the chinese and a quick google will give you proper numbers.

6. I love the Slimming World app.  Once you become a Slimming World member, you get access to the free app and more importantly, the Syns On The Go section.  More often than not, you'll find me in Tesco or Aldi, nose up to the phone seeing how many syns are in things.  I don't like to buy things without knowing the syn value as I made a little promise to myself not to eat things without knowing.

7. Don't fool yourself.  I remember at my very first meeting, someone said that she was finished fooling herself.  What was the point in going to a meeting and being up a pound or two knowing that she'd eaten biscuits all week and wondering why she wasn't down anything that week.  Any of the weeks that I've maintained or been up weight, I've known that I didn't stick to the plan properly.  Going to meeting and weighing in always gets me back on track.

8. Don't miss too many meetings.  I remember our group leader told us about a member from another class who had reached her target.  She didn't go to the meetings for a while and after a few weeks, weighed herself at home and she was up 3lbs.  She didn't want to go back until she was back down to her target but a month later she was up 12lbs and knew that if she'd just gone to the meeting that first week she would have been able to stay on track better.  I missed one in October because I wasn't feeling well and then we missed three over Christmas, and you know what, when I knew I wasn't going to be weighed in the following week, my mind started to switch back to my old way of thinking.  So even if I'm not going to stay to group, I leg it in and get weighed because it's so easy to go back to the old ways.

9. Don't beat yourself up!  As grand as it is sticking to a plan like this, life happens and you'll find yourself at parties, nights out where you just want to go wild and have a few drinks or eat those chicken wings or potato wedges.  And my advice is to go ahead.  But more often than not, you'll find yourself making better choices.  And if not, it's ok.  It's ok to have those times where you let yourself run free because hopefully most of the time you'll be following the plan.  If I'm ever out and about like in town and stuck for things to eat, I find myself making better choices and the way I see it, the old me would have gone for tea and cake and if what I'm having still isn't on plan, I'll have it safe in the knowledge that I could have been having worse.  I hope that makes sense!

So it's your turn now!  Feel free to leave any tips and tricks in the comments to help keep us all motivated!


  1. Great tips Karen. I love the app too especially when grocery shopping. There are great recipes in the SW magazine too. Im going into my third week now and already have my half stone award. I can't believe how full I am!! Like you, I am going to be on this for life. Well done on your amazing loss to date.

  2. Frozen fruit is really handy aswell. I leave it out to defrost overnight, and have it with my breakfast. Its handy!

  3. Chicken chow mein is now 16.5 syns :'( :'( But great tips Karen thanks!

  4. I do the Slimming world also and I love Strawberries! They are a god send!!!! I found myself losing so much weight when I was snacking on them! Yum Yum!!!!

  5. I think this tips are great and is safe to try, however, should I consider trying Prescription Diet Pills together with this tips?


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