Thursday, February 6, 2014

My spending ban haul *ahem*

I know.  I actually know.  This post and video is for you Mags.  I completely lost the run of myself last weekend.  I blame being tired, being happy to have finally gotten paid, being excited to be in town looking for bridesmaids dresses and not having allowed myself in shops for the month of January which culminated in this haul that only I could make happen whilst on a spending ban....

That's it for me Mags, I promise.  My Hourglass blush came so I'm not spending any money on beauty products for the rest of the month.  This means I won't even do any internet window shopping or let myself go into Boots or Superdrug or any chemist whatsoever.

This is a clear example of just going wild.  And being able to justify all of the purchases.  Speaking of justifications, stay tuned to the blog next week as I've a collaboration post the likes of which the shoppers among you will save to read over and over for years to come.

Also, I'll be blogging about all of the purchases, so technically I've given myself a week's worth of posts right there.  Ahem...

The spending ban is back on baby!  But for now, have a look and see what I bought.


  1. Karen. I was on a spending ban for January and then I HAD to have the Smashbox palette. And I needed an Airfryer, for...y'know, health reasons. And a curling tongs, because I NEED one. And wet n wild makeup, to just try it. And two books. And a dress and a cardigan. And a t-shirt with a picture of David Hasslehoff and the baywatch logo and "99 Problems But a Mitch Ain't One" on it. ALL NECESSARY PURCHASES.........*hangs head in shame*

    1. 1. You totally needed the Smashbox palette.
      2. You need to take care of yourself and obvs needed the Airfryer.
      3. Is it any good?
      4. Curly hair is all the rage so you needed the tongs
      5. I think we've seen by now that you needed all the things, all of them!

  2. Haha i love that I am not the only one who puts themselves on a spending ban! :)

  3. Bad, bad girl. Hang your head in shame!! Also bad girl because I end up spending money I don't have on stuff YOU recommend and look fabulous in!! *Ahem...Smashbox palette anyone*

    By the way Bailey looking over your shoulder was SOOOOOO cute!

    1. I know, I'm so bold, but I look so good now! heheh Bailey is never far from my side especially when I'm sitting talking to a camera!

  4. brilliant!, so funny, I wish I could find a Wet n Wild stockist near me and even though I am trying to pay off my son's braces, holiday in June and sisters wedding in May I know i'm going to buy one of everything, well maybe 4 nailvarnishes and 3 lipglosses!

  5. you are such a bold spending ban partner. straight onto the naughty step with you. :) loved the video. Can I be all annoying and say I havent bought anything

  6. Dying to hear your thoughts on the Hourglass blusher, such a funny video. What a cute dog in the background. I think there was 11 products!!

  7. Hahahaha.... I also call Fluff & Fripperies: FLuffy Emma's Blog!

  8. Hi! First time commenting! Love your blog! Your videos always make me laugh and make me want to buy things!
    Found myself in Boots today 'for a look' and came out with the Soap and Glory Archery and one of the new Maybelline nude lipsticks. Not exactly a nude shade, more of a chocolatey, maroony colour but still love! Did manage to walk away from the Wet n' Wild stand empty handed so that's something!

    P.S. Super cute dog!


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