Sunday, February 23, 2014

Slimming World #8 - Our week in food!

Over the past couple of weeks, both Joanne and I have gotten a little lax in following the aul Slimming World plan.  So in an effort to stay motivated and keep ourselves accountable, we decided to take photos of everything that goes in our gobs between Tuesday and Friday as it turned out because we both forgot to take photos of what we ate yesterday.  I always forget to take photos of what I eat, so it was a challenge to remember to whip out the phone and snap before munching my food!  But I actually really enjoyed doing it and if you guys like posts like these, let us know because we can do this at the end of each Slimming World post if you like?

So here's what we ate for the last few days!  In each collage, my meals are in the top row and Joanne's are in the bottom.  I didn't snap photos of snacks I had which were mainly fat free yogurts and fruit.  I'm cutting back on the sweets again because it's so easy to get into the habit of having something bold every day, even if it's included in my syns and I find if I start eating sweets often, I lose the run of myself.  So it's back to basics with moi.

Karen: Brekkie - Fruit salad with Muller Light yogurt / Lunch - Salad / Dinner - Burrito bowl from El Gringo in Stephen's Green Centre
Joanne: Brekkie - Bran Flakes with milk / Lunch - Brown roll with corned beef & coleslaw, fruit salad / Dinner - Chicken fajitas with no wrap, just rice

Karen: Brekkie - 2 Weetabix with milk & banana & coffee / Lunch - Salad, 2 Ryvita with Philadelphia Light  / Dinner - Chinese takeaway! Chicken in oyster sauce & 4 chips!
Joanne: Brekkie - Bran Flakes with milk & 2 mandarins / Lunch - Leftover chicken fajitas with rice / Dinner - Chinese takeaway! Chicken in oyster sauce, chips & curry sauce

Karen: Brekkie - 2 Weetabix with milk, fruit salad & coffee / Lunch - Salad, tuna & sweetcor, 2 Ryvita & Philadelphia Light / Dinner - Mexican chicken with veggies & rice
Joanne: Brekkie - Beans, bacon & boiled egg, fruit salad / Lunch - Brown roll with ham, tomato & onion, Snack bar / Dinner - Forgot to photograph, chicken diddy with potato & broccoli

Karen: Brekkie - Fruit salad with Muller Light yogurt & coffee / Lunch - Leftover chicken & veggies & rice
Joanne: Brekkie - Beans, bacon, boiled egg, fruit salad / Lunch - Brown roll with ham, tomato & onion & Tayto Treble Crunch 

Friday dinner!

Because it was mam's birthday this week, we took her to Shanahans on the Green for a special dinner.  We went for the early bird and sweet baby J, it was gorgeous.  From the table, to the room, to the music, to the craic, to the food, it was fantastic and the week had all led up to those few hours!  Joanne and I had the same meal, hence one set of photos.  We started off with the salmon on a bellini which was light and delicious.  We had the petit fillet for our main with onion relish, mashed potato, creamed spinach and their famous onion rings.  Oh God, the steak was the best I've ever had and it took me ages to eat it as I savoured every bite!  The desert was a cookie cheesecake and we could barely eat half of it because we were so stuffed.  

I think if you're going to be bold and indulge yourself, it has to be worth it and this was 100% worth it for us.  Everyone had an amazing meal, mam nearly licked the plate clean and I can't recommend Shanahans enough for a special occasion.  Back on the diet wagon now!

Looking back over the few days, I'm pretty happy with how things panned out.  I really enjoyed the burrito bowl on Tuesday and as for Wednesday with our takeaway for mam's birthday, we chose the best we could, but please take note of my 4 chips compared to Joanne's millions!  Joanne said seeing her meals like this showed her that she needs to up her SuperFree with each meal, so it was a good eye opener for her.

Even if we don't do posts with our meals included, make sure to follow us on Instagram where we'll definitely be posting every day, but do let us know if you enjoyed this post and would like to see more.  If you see any meals that you'd like the recipe for, then again, let us know in the comments! 

If you're struggling with your healthy eating plan, then doing something like this is a great way to hold yourself accountable.  Taking photos is one thing, but publishing them online
adds that extra little bit of awareness and is a great way to keep on track.  We're definitely going to keep doing it and hopefully it'll reflect on the scales.  If not, it'll make for a blog post!

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  1. Love this! How many syns in the burrito bowl do you reckon?

    1. No idea, the chicken seemed to be either roasted or poached and I'd a little bit of salsa and cheese, I'm guessing maybe 4-5?

  2. I keep a food diary, I just find that works for me. It's easy to turn a bad day into a bad week if you don't keep track.

    1. Yeah if I wasn't doing posts on it, I'd keep a diary too, this is a photo food diary ;)

  3. It looks all yummy and healthy, but don't you take a little something at 4 pm ?
    And another question is : where do you find strawberries in winter ? It's not the season and I doubt it really tastes good...

    P.S: I would love to have beans, bacon and eggs for breakfast ! In France it's not traditional so we don't have anything like that in the mornings... It's only coffee or milk/cocoa with jam&butter toasts, cereals, or even low-fat soft cheese or yoghurt with fruits :/
    Croissants for breakfast are not even an everyday thing for most people here contrary to what foreigners may believe...

    1. I'm home from work at 4.30, so either have fruit & yogurt then, or have my dinner then and a snack later. The strawberries are so tasty! I got them in Aldi and were delicious.


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